Save me, I am going to die, cute angel." Once upon

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Save me, I am going to die, cute angel." Once upon a time, I heard the call from Mother Earth, with confusion, doubts, and gently listening to my mother��s voice, remorse, heartache and entanglement with me. I can't help it, I shed tears..The beautiful face of the mother has traces of the years in our destruction, and it has become a vicissitude. Once upon a time, the original fresh and transparent air began to have color. With the taste, the chimney on the room dyed the city with a grayish black color <a href="www.100scigarettes.com">Newport Cigarettes Website</a>. Once upon a time, there was no green tree, and there was a yellow spot on the vast green grassland. In the past, the lush forest has disappeared from the birds and beasts <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Newport 100S</a>. Instead, it is the long silence of the yellow sand. Once upon a time, the plastic bags floating in the ground were unscrupulous in the face of people, and the original clear river became muddy and lifeless.There is no childhood fun to "catch the mud and catch the crabs in the night", and the poetic feelings of "the lotus pond moonlight listening to the frogs" are lost. When the childhood green grass was turned into a barren land, when the glare of white light was shining under the sunlight; when I was helpless because I wanted to find the blue sky of my childhood, I was at a loss.Is it really necessary to wait until the sky is flying <a href="www.cigarettesonlinesale.com">Newport Cigarettes Price</a>, the acid rain is on the head, and the waves are smashing under the feet. When the "Thousands of mountains and birds are flying, the million trails are gone," do we regret it? Is it really necessary for our children and grandchildren to appreciate the "beauty" scene of "the desert and the smoke"? No, you can't wait until that moment, for him, for you, for ourselves, for a better tomorrow, let us start to act now, start from the little things around us <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Parliament Cigarettes</a>, start from scratch, save a drop of water, Plant a small tree and collect a piece of used batteries.We are the angels of the call of the Mother Earth. We are the messengers of the sun of tomorrow. The beautiful tomorrow requires us to work together and bring a heavy heart. I look into the distance and my shoulders seem heavy. The belief in my heart is more firm. I walked quickly to the classroom and found out the propaganda draft about environmental protection <a href="www.cigarettesonlinesale.com">Cigarettes For Sale</a>...

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