One day, I went to play with Huaxitou

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One day, I went to play with Huaxitou Village with some classmates.e morning, we had a great time. Now, I will look forward to a pleasant afternoonlking, a boy shouted with a smog of smoke. We rushed to the location of the incident. I saw a smoky, translucent white smog that continually rolled from the grass, and swayed up, and the smoke cages between the heavens and the earth were locked like smoke and suffocation. Approaching a little, I saw the red rushing fire; and a little closer, walked down the ladder and saw the whole picture of the fire: red, between many clover and bushes, surrounded by black and white ash, The wind ran. The fire, I��m going to burn the clover... A picture appears in front of my eyes (in my mind): a Mars flies into the trees, the trees are burning, the fire spreads rapidly, burning big trees, a tree The ground burned to ash, and the big tree passed the fire to the wooden house on the other side of the road... There was only fire in the world... And this non-dramatic special effect would really happen [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]... forest fire.viously, the partners also thought of it. I took the lead in using the hollow part of the bamboo raft to fill the creek with water, desperately smashing the wet hoe to the jumping flame. It made a "squeaky" sound, a horrible white smoke, a poisonous gas. Soon, countless wet hoes slammed into the fire [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url]. The fire was a bit unbearable, and it was half leaked. When we saw it, we were still frightened and desperately salvage the waste from the stream. Plastic bags, wool, biscuit lids, bottle caps... these things are not worth mentioning, but now they are our lives! ! ! Then, there are more things slamming into the fire: iron cover, big paper bag... aerial splash; bamboo hoe shaking back and forth; colorful and colorful "garbage" who are brave and forward, come forward for the "people "And prepared to sacrifice yourself." An iron cover fell into the fire and quickly burned out. A boy tied his "pot" (cookie box lid) with bamboo poles and wool; another boy's bamboo pole was hung with a plastic bag filled with water... What about me? I didn't have any tools available, so I threw the bamboo raft with a small amount of water on the ground [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Cigarettes Online[/url], holding the cold water in both hands, and threw the water from the height. The fire rang for a while, and I couldn��t hold it anymore. I began to slowly squat toward us, and I was a little short, and only one fire seedling was left. We dare not neglect, with strong manpower, material resources, intelligence and water power, the flames are forced under the black iron cover [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Cigarette Online[/url]. The flames are curled up inside [url=www.cigarettesonlinesale.com]How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url], not coming out.ok a break and started the third step - "Fire extinguishing the roots." The first and second steps have been completed, and now we announce that the third step will officially begin! ! ! We lined up and one by one dedicated all the water we held to our timid "Mr. Fire." Finally, tossing for a long time, the fire was completely extinguished, leaving only a column of smoke. Our mission is completed and we will be honored!nd tall and stand tall, like in front of the enemy we are conquering, standing proudly in front of the pillar of smoke, with a triumphant smile on our face. This is a great thing!his time, an uncle came. He has two garbage bags in his hand. He was full of doubts and said: "Hey, there is no fire in the fire? We burned the garbage?" Seeing the appearance of our "victor", he suddenly understood and turned and ran. I thought to myself, hey, let��s have another fire, let��s play another game.

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