aughty is the child's nature, but excessive

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aughty is the child's nature, but excessive play is not necessarily a good thing. It��s because we��re too ��very savvy�� during this time. Every time we go to class or lunch at noon [url=www.cigars-home.com]Carton Of Newports[/url], it��s like a big trouble, and the teachers don��t make a fight. So, we implemented a ��one-day routine�� plan, so that we constrained We are arrogant bad guys "return to evil"Haowen, come and help clean the blackboard!" "Follow!" Oh, how did this famous trumpet king become so hard-working? Look at it, the He Dazui, who claims to have the three-inch tongue of the "Wei Zhen" rivers and lakes, is also very different from usual. Usually, he should have a fierce war of words with the same table! How do you still look at the extracurricular books in your position? Hey, why didn��t there appear in the corridor that Xu Wei��s ��dancing dance�� figure? Hey [url=www.cigarettesnewports.com]Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url], it turned out that the armpit was filling the homework in the corner.�� Zheng Liqi looks like that, sneaky, what? Hey, it��s been sorting out the messy drawers... Why do these ordinary classmates who are not in class have become obedient at once? Ah, this is thanks to the "one-day routine"!leaningter receiving a few weeks of "one-day routine" education, the students have been deeply affected. Not only have they basically developed a good habit of loving cleanliness [url=www.usa-newports.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], but they also love this group. On the day of the cleaning, the students took the rags, wet tissues, etc. to start the cleaning. The teacher gave each of us a task, and each classmate took the task. I and a few of my classmates are responsible for cleaning the wall and wiping the blackboard [url=www.npsmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Price[/url]. First, I dipped the cloth with water to wipe the paper on the wall, let the paper fully absorb the water, then gently scrape it with my thumb, and the paper marks on the wall would be gone. Several of my classmates learned how to clean me up, we quickly erased them, and it was very clean. After wiping the wall, Xu Jiafeng and I wiped the blackboard. Xu Jiafeng wiped the bottom of the blackboard. I was responsible for wiping the upper part of the blackboard. I couldn��t reach it. I rubbed my feet and rubbed it. We both polished the blackboard with black gloss. Translucent, can shine the figure, as if it is like a mirror. Other students are also rushing to do it! The students who sweeped the floor and mopped the floor cooperated with each other. The classmates who sweeped the floor swept the ground cleanly, and the classmates who wiped the floor wiped the ground clean. The classmate who wiped the door, moved the chair to the door, stood on the stool, and ��destroyed�� the dust on the door. The classmates next to him helped him wash the rag and hand it over. The door became bright and bright, and the door was bright. The handle is also polished, like a crystal clear crystal. Everyone is working together to help each other. The scene is really full of energy and enthusiasm, because we all love the class [url=www.cigars-home.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. Finally, everyone put the tables and chairs neatly. The cleaning was over, looking at the clean and tidy classroom, watching the fruits of our labor, we tasted the sweetness of labor. The teacher smiled with satisfaction. At this time, in our hearts, we added a love between the students, and added a love and help between the students.

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