he chicken was called, and the sky was

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he chicken was called, and the sky was just bright, and I walked alone on the country road. (National Day holiday, I went to my hometown to play for a while.) mist of the half man is lingering in the field, like a soft gauze covering the earth. The distant scenery is looming, and the illusion of the scene makes the familiar scene become mysterious, adding a dreamy color to the frontthe leaves next to the road, the flowers are covered with crystal dew. I carefully took off a leaf and held it in my hand. On the delicate texture, I fell asleep with many cute and lovely dew babies. I saw the biggest dewdrops have the size of soy beans, the smallest is only sesamegently shook the leaves [url=www.usa-newports.com]Marlboro Lights[/url], and the dew-beads seemed to be awakened, and they all rolled around between up the dewdrop baby, squinting at the bright eyes of me, as if to say hello to me, and seems to be more beautiful than other dewdrops, dewdrops, clear and transparent, exquisite and clear.ing the time, the dew babies were all gone. I looked up and saw that the sun came out and evaporated the dewdrops. Suddenly, the world seems to have changed and become less gloriously there was a burst of regret in my heart, and I couldn��t help but sigh: "How pure dew! They only stayed in the world for a moment, and they quietly left the world with a smile. They used the time left in the world to bring beauty and peace. Refreshing and sprinkling to the world, they use their small body to prop up a blue sky for people! sun came out [url=www.npsmoking.com]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], and the fog had not yet dispersed. At this time, the sun seemed like a shy girl, looking at the world softly across the veil. The sun shines through the mist, giving off a soft glow, like a pen, giving the morning a layer of glamorous orange [url=www.sale-cigarettes.com]Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url].rds flew and landed on the wires, making a pleasant sound. Hey! The wire is like a staff, only the bird has become a beating note, it seems to sing this morning song, the sound is strange. I went to my grandmother's house this summer, and I encountered a thunderstorm on the first day.ust of wind came, and it took a chill of coolness, and it also caused a thunderstorm. rain is like "the water of the Yellow River comes up" and rushes over, like a storm, like a wave. Although it is not as good as the Qiantang River tide [url=www.npsmoking.com]Cigarettes Cheaper[/url], it is fierce. The rain is like a large transparent cloth, blown by the wind, and countless waves. Suddenly, a flash of lightning crossed and the sky was marked [url=www.cigars-home.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. There was a drum sound behind the scenes - Ray, which was like a loyal follower of lightning, rushing at lightning, and shouting at us. It seems that we have to listen to the cry of nature.looked into the distance through the rain and fog. The dragon and tiger mountain on the other side was covered with a layer of gauze, and the trees on the mountain were still visible. The iron-like rain jumped into the arms of the river and jumped into the pond. The fish in the pond are not lonely, and the rabbit dance is dancing, welcome to the thunderstorm. In the field, He Miao opened her mouth and drank sweet rain, and smiled happily; on the country road, the pine trees on both sides were washed away. I first arrived at my grandmother's house, I encountered a beautiful and majestic rain. Although it was such a rain for a few days in my grandmother's house, I couldn't have a hard time playing for a few days, but I could see such a beautiful rain. Not bad.

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