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First [url=http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-jeff-heath-jersey]http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-jeff-heath-jersey[/url] , this to set the overall tone for the d Phillips, DallasCowboys.comRookie left guard Connor Williams was hurt on Monday and will have a scope done on his knee. But everything's just fine. (sob)Dallas Cowboys: Source: Cowboys LB Sean Lee expected to miss 4-6 weeks with hamstring injury | David Moore, SportsDayFunny how you just don't hear people complaining as much about using that draft pick on Leighton Vander Esch.Sean Lee, Cowboys are facing a tough but obvious decision - Patrik Walker, 247 SportsSean Lee is a true warrior - but has been among the walking wounded far too much in his career. The Cowboys need to do something about him.For Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett, it's a question of words vs. reality - Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys Blog- ESPNDisclaimer. I have been a Jason Garrett supporter since he got the head coaching job. But those days are now in the past.If Cowboys offense is to right the ship, QB Prescott must improve | Mark Lane, wfaa.comHow much blame for this hot mess of a season should be laid on Dak Prescott? Maybe a lot.What We Learned: Dallas, we have a quarterback problem - Ben Grimaldi, Cowboys WireIt might feel like piling on. Or maybe it's just grasping the reality that the Cowboys' staff is really bungling their use of Dak.Is the Cowboys 2018 Season Circling the Drain? 鉁?Brian Martin, Inside the StarCan't disagree.Decoding Linehan, Week 9: Tennessee takes line of scrimmage from Cowboys offense – Bob Sturm, The AthleticSince this is behind a paywall, here's a synopsis of the whole article: Things suck in Dallas.Dallas Cowboys: Film room: 3 things we learned from Cowboys' disappointing loss to Titans, including the strange use of Dak Prescott | John Owning [url=http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-anthony-brown-jersey]http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-anthony-brown-jersey[/url] , SportsDayThis is also behind a paywall, which is a shame, since it has some great stuff in it, like this.Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys did Dez Bryant a favor, and might end up with the last laugh in New Orleans| Kevin Sherrington, SportsDayDez Bryant signing with the Saints is not the best news for Dallas, since they face New Orleans on November 29th. But it may be very, very good for Dez.Jason Garrett "Happy" For Dez Bryant After Deal With Saints | 105.3 The Fan staffSeriously, did you expect Redball to say anything else?'Most Misunderstood Man in NFL' Dez Bryant 'gets 6' with Saints - Mike Fisher, 247 SportsMaybe it's time to move on from the "Dez is washed" talk about why he hadn’t been signed.Jason Kelce slams Cowboys, calls fans 'fair weather' - Nick Shook, NFL.comAs we face a tough game and likely loss against the Philadelphia Eagles, we have their center Jason Kelce to remind us just how classy they are.And one more bad (for the Cowboys) thing to look forward to: For the fourth time this season we find ourselves, as Dallas Cowboys fans, on the wrong side of .500, and unfortunately we have double the time to let this particular loss settle in our bellies. The Cowboys lost on Sunday and to make matters worse they lost to a division rival who’s not very good. This is a tough pill to swallow but consider this the big bottle of water that helps you do it. Welcome to a weekly tradition of ours here at BTB. We’ve got five winners, five losers [url=http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-connor-williams-jersey]Color Rush Connor Williams Jersey[/url] , and whatever else find along the way. If the rules didn’t state that there were only five losers today would be a whole lot different around here. Let’s begin.Winner: Parity in the NFC EastWe knew all week long that Dallas headed to Washington with first place in the division on the line, but things changed a bit when the Philadelphia Eagles lost in Week 7. Cowboys fans everywhere all had the same conversation with themselves. We rationalized how Philly lost, said that it wasn’t farfetched for Dallas to win the division, and we let the magic of hope weave its way through our minds. Hope is a dangerous thing, man. Washington stands alone with four wins, but the Cowboys and Eagles are right behind them with three each. It’s quite frustrating that Dallas can’t put together a team good enough to cake walk through such a lowly division, but welcome to parity. Winner: Dak Prescott’s toughnessThere are a lot of things that emerged from Sunday’s game in Washington, and Dak’s toughness is certainly among them. The quarterback took quite a shot (that somehow didn’t result in a penalty) early in the game and his predecessor got a little overdramatic about it in the booth up above.Tony Romo insisted immediately that Dak was “done” and “didn’t know where he was,” but in spite of all of that Dak battled his way back into the game. What’s more is that Dak battled his way back into the game late (admittedly after his own error that cost the team seven points) by putting them in a position to win.Dak Prescott isn’t perfect. He also isn’t a lot of other things. One thing he definitely is is tough.Winner: Sean Lee and the idea that he could play foreverWhen the Cowboys needed a critical stop late in the game on third down we saw Redskins quarterback Alex Smith take off to the outside. Sean Lee came running in like a madman and stopped Smith before he could get near the first down and he even managed to push the quarterback out of bounds. It was incredible. There were many, myself included, that thought Lee shouldn’t play this game because the Cowboys were so close to the bye. It turns out the Cowboys needed Lee’s services in our nation’s capital but even they weren’t enough to seal the deal. Winner: Jourdan Lewis’ versatility! There was no Tavon Austin on the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys, but never fear, Jourdan Lewis is here! Seriously! We got to see Jourdan Lewis the cornerback take a jet sweep for the Cowboys and he even gained yards.Scott Linehan has been trying to wrinkle things like you wouldn’t believe. He’s taken the clothes that are the Cowboys offense, tied them into a ball, and thrown them in the dryer. They’re going to get wrinkles one way or another even if that means he has to pull Jourdan Lewis into the action.In all seriousness we’ve gotten to see Lewis involved a bit more as of late thanks to injuries and what not. He’s an athlete that can do a lot of things so good on the Cowboys for recognizing that and trying to utilize it.Winner: Michael Gallup SZNWe’ve been waiting what feels like forever for the Cowboys’ third-round rookie to make an appearance in the endzone this season, and Sunday we got our wish.Truth be told we almost saw Gallup gallop (LOOK WHAT I DID THERE) into the paint last week, but he didn’t get enough feet down and instead chose to defy gravity. There was no question about it in Washington this time [url=http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-tyron-smith-jersey]Youth Tyron Smith Jersey[/url] , Michael Gallup smoked his man and trotted on in for a score. It was beautiful.Seeing Gallup progress over the last weeks has been rewarding for Cowboys fans. It’s time for the Cowboys themselves to start rewarding him with more reps. Loser: Tony Romo’s potential as a medical physicianAs mentioned, Tony Romo really overreacted to Dak Prescott taking a shot on the sideline. It was obvious that Dak had taken a big shot, but Romo is the lead color analyst on the network and was saying that Dak didn’t know where he was. It was a stretch at best.We know that Romo is capable of a lot of things. He’s a great quarterback, comeback artist, maker of “crownies” in commercials, and he’s one of the best color analysts in the game today.He’s not a doctor and putting out on the broadcast that Dak “didn’t know where he was” ever so confidently wasn’t a good idea. Loser: The thought of winning on the road this seasonThe Cowboys have played half of their road games in 2018. Half. HALF! That flew by.Unfortunately the Cowboys have lost literally every single one of their road games this season and that’s never something that you want to be true of your team. In a shocking turn of events Dallas has only been able to win at AT&T Stadium this year, and if you can’t win on the road you’ve got big problems in the NFL.Dallas will have to wait an awfully long time to prove that they can win on the road as they’re now on bye and host the Tennessee Titans in their next game. Can they win on the road? We’ll have to wait and see.Loser: Objectivity in the world of a “snap infraction”The world is still reeling over L.P. Ladouceur’s ridiculous penalty call before Brett Maher’s attempted game-winning kick, and the NFL’s explanation video offered little clarity on the subject. Loser: The Cowboys offensive lineThere are problems all along the Cowboys these days, but one of them is the offensive line and those are uncharted waters for us. Nobody is saying the Cowboys offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL, but it’s definitely not the elite group that it’s been in season’s past. The guys up front aren’t bowling people over and the way the Cowboys roll is somewhat predicated on that being the case. Without that being true they’re stuck in quicksand to a degree.Tyron Smith got worked in Washington. Connor Williams has rookie moments. Travis Frederick is still gone. Things aren’t going well and there’s not really a reason why they’ll start to turn around soon.Loser: Jason Garrett’s belief in his offenseMuch like two weeks ago in Houston, Jason Garrett folded the idea of his offense winning the game for him with the game on the line. He didn’t want any responsibility placed on their shoulders. Jason Garrett’s squad didn’t allow their offense the opportunity to move things close on the game’s final possession and that is seemingly a large indictment on the state of the offense as a unit. Nobody seems to believe in them, not that there’s any reason to, and if their own coaching staff doesn’t why should anyone?Five losers doesn’t seem like enough for a loss like this, but rules are rules. The Cowboys are now 3-4 at the bye and we’ll have to see what comes to town in two weeks with the Tennessee Titans. Time to hurry up and wait.

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