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This is the dramatic moment a large advertising billboard was blown over by strong winds - sending it crashing down on a parking lot.

The footage was captured by shocked pedestrians who watched the heavy steel pole falling outside an office building in Dongguan city [url=http://www.texansfansproshop.com/Texans+Tyler+Ervin+Rush+Jersey.html?cat=1371]Texans Tyler Ervin Color Rush Jersey[/url] , southern China's Guangdong province Thursday.

The billboard crushed several cars as it collapsed to the ground, no injuries were reported.

Cars crushed as huge billboard collapses in S China city Cars crushed as huge billboard collapses in S China city Cars crushed as huge billboard collapses in S China city Cars crushed as huge billboard collapses in S China city Cars crushed as huge billboard collapses in S China city Cars crushed as huge billboard collapses in S China city

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