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Tarot is a deck of seventy eight cards and the total deck is divided into two sections. The first one is called the major arcana cards and the other one is called the minor arcana cards. Out of the total of seventy eight cards twenty two cards have been included in the major arcana and the rest fifty cards are included in the minor arcana. In the tarot card reading the major arcana cards have been given more importance than the minor arcana cards in terms of predictions. It does not mean we can ignore what minor arcana cards but first preference is always given to the major arcana cards.
One of the major arcana cards is the Chariot card and is generally placed at number seven in the tarot deck out of the total of twenty two cards in the major arcana section. The Chariot tarot card usually reflects the attributes like victory [url=http://www.arsenalfcpro.com/Kids-Bernd-Leno-Jersey/]Bernd Leno Arsenal Jersey[/url] , courage, bravery, pride, self confidence in one锟絪 life. It also depicts wealth and will power. It is considered one of the dynamic cards and if it appears in the tarot spread it shows struggle and hard work through the person锟絪 hard times but also says that if person will fight bravely then he will emerge as a winner even from the hardest situations. This card actually says that person will get the reward for the hard work he has done but this card recommends the person to slightly change his behavior to get success. Also this card also indicates to the person that he can achieve all his goals and can reach there where he wishes to be. But all of this cannot comes while sitting at one place and wait for the success to come rather it requires a real hard work and tedious planning to execute what you have planned. This card in the tarot reading is considered very positive card and if it appears in the tarot spread it encourages us to take steps forward towards success. It shows that the person with strength of mind he can overcome all hurdles which will come in his path of success. With every achievement and crossing every hurdle the person will also get wealthier which will add further a new motivation and flow of energy in the path of the person encouraging him further to move on the same path of success when you will always think of success and your achievements failure can never touch your lives.
The other very important major arcana card is the Fool tarot card. This is the first card of the major arcana category. This card usually reflects boldness [url=http://www.arsenalfcpro.com/Kids-Alexandre-Lacazette-Jersey/]Alexandre Lacazette Arsenal Jersey[/url] , carefree attitude, and beginnings of new things like business, new relationships, fresh starts [url=http://www.arsenalfcpro.com/Kids-Alex-Iwobi-Jersey/]Alex Iwobi Arsenal Jersey[/url] , faith and optimistic behavior. If this card appears in the tarot spread it says that the person will get opportunities in his life and also you should accept those opportunities. It also urges the person to take risks while taking decisions but be sure of that you will get benefit out of that no matter if it appears a gamble to others. It also indicates opening up of the new paths for the person. The main advantage and motive of the tarot card reading is that you become aware of the problems, hurdles or hard times previously and you get time to prepare yourself for all the future problems. Similarly this card also prepares the person physically, mentally and emotionally so that he is in right and perfect state to take advantage of opportunities which are about to come in his life. We need to do just two things. The first one is we have to keep our mind, ear [url=http://www.arsenalfcpro.com/Kids-Ainsley-Maitland-Niles-Jersey/]Ainsley Maitland-Niles Arsenal Jersey[/url] , eyes open to perceive the opportunity and second thing needed is we have to believe in the power of universe which will respond to our demands and wishes. If we really want something that will be presented before us , all we need is to receive the message.

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Sophia Hoy has been reading tarot cards for years, but only recently has begun to write about her understanding of the tarot cards. She suggested a site to visit 聽 for better understanding of tarot and tarot reading.聽

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