In the morning, when

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In the morning, when I went out, I bumped into the breeze. Don't take the car, don't invite the companion, take a good mood [url=www.fesshelby.com/marlboro]Buy Discount Cigarettes[/url], step on a path, and go alone to appreciate the symphony of nature.listen," That is the first note of the symphony, the first color [url=www.buyusacigarettes.com]Newports Wholesale[/url]. "Oh..." The brook sang cheerfully, like a song without words. I saw Xiaozhen��s so sincere invitation and sang along with Xiaoxi.d and you can see a small duck breeding base [url=www.wholesalenewport.com]Cigarettes Sales[/url]. There are hundreds of ducks in it, as if they were performing a duck chorus. "�� sings the songs that belong to them neatly. I can't help but listen to this unique rhyme when I hear such a unique song. listening to the unique song, I came to a quiet fores This is a worm musician playing a beautiful, gentle and melodic song on his own. Such songs are played in this serene and quiet, adding a magical color and a unique feeling to the forest. I closed my eyes and listened to this beautiful melody echoing in my ears as if I were a member of nature. This unique feeling can only be realized in this quiet and peaceful forest.--" That is the footsteps of my walking. After listening to this symphony of nature, it is close to dusk, and I should go home.! Nature, how unique and beautiful your unique symphony is. Why are stones not afraid of pain? "Where is the bird taking a shower?" "Why can't the grass talk?" " [url=www.buyusacigarettes.com]Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes[/url]...I was full of curiosity about the world in my childhood! But my best thing is: Why is the sky blue? Ask a series of questions, lead the theme, take care of the reader's concerns, and be right. I also imagined why the sky Is it blue, because God overturned the blue paint when painting? Is it because the sun father gave the sky brother a blue coat? Or because the lake gives the sky a hint of blue light? Romantic imagination, although not from science Explain, but add interest. The sky we see is often blue, especially after a heavy rain, the sky is more blue and beautiful, it is refreshing and eager to fly. To understand this buried in my heart A long time mystery, I started to go online to inquire. I don��t know, I can understand it at first glance. The atmosphere was originally colorless, and the blue color of the sky is produced by sunlight, such as atmospheric molecules, ice crystals, and water droplets. When light enters the atmosphere, long-wavelength colored light [url=www.webvipsmoking.com]Newport Short Cigarettes[/url], such as red light, has a strong penetrating power and can penetrate the atmosphere to the ground. The short-wavelength blue light hits the atmospheric molecules, ice crystals, When a substance such as a drop is easily scatter, the scattered blue, purple, and cyan light fills the sky, turning the sky into a blue we see. Give a scientific explanation and return to the question. Highlighted when the sky is blue time weather conditions sky color 2011.3.20 gray gray 2011.3.21 clear blue 2011.3.23 clear blue 2011.3.25 gray gray 2011.3.29 after the rain blue 2011.4.1 very heavy after the rain Blue 2011.4.3 Cloudy white After analyzing the weather conditions of 2011.3.20~2011.4.3, I found that the change of weather conditions is very influential on the color of the sky. The sunny day after the rain is the bluest color. Scientific and rigorous Observing records and supporting conclusions, reflecting scientific thinking.

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