Jerry Jones got feisty when defending the idea of the Cowboys be

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ing similar to the Rams Winning cures all. Everyone can agree with that. Losing in the NFL isn’t fun. Losing upsets people. Losing makes people snarky. Losing creates an uncomfortable environment. Nobody wants to lose. From a literal standpoint [url=http://www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jeff-heath-jersey]http://www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jeff-heath-jersey[/url] , the Cowboys have lost more through three weeks than they have any other year of this decade through the first three games. Jason Garrett’s teams had been 2-1 at this point in literally all of his first seven seasons, but for the first time under his leadership the team sits at 1-2.The feeling of discomfort isn’t just present in the living rooms of Cowboys fans across the world. The Dallas Cowboys themselves obviously want to win, and they don’t like it when they don’t (who does?). This extends all the way up the ladder to Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Jones of course, and on Friday he showed a bit of emotion during his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan.As you’ll note Jerry clapped back at host Mike Bacsik and pulled the ‘ol “that’s why you’re a radio guy and not a football guy” move on him which is a defensive move at best. Jerry was obviously frustrated about being pressed about the Rams compared to the Cowboys and reacted outwardly towards the questioner. The Los Angeles Rams had quite the performance on Thursday Night Football. Quarterback Jared Goff threw for 465 yards and five touchdowns in the performance. Dak Prescott has 498 yards and two touchdowns (plus two interceptions) through three games this season. Needless to say, people want to be LA.While Jerry Jones did note that he wanted to be the Rams as well, he did also say he didn’t watch the game on Thursday night. It’s understandable to aim to be a high-powered offense like Sean McVay’s, but the Cowboys are at a point performance-wise where people want answers for why they’re not and how they intend to get there.Everyone is still searching.Jason Garrett press conference: Awuzie’s back tightened up in practice yesterday It’s Thursday of a game week, that means head coach Jason Garrett addressed the media. Here’s what he had to say. (All Garrett answers are paraphrases of what he said and not direct quotes).How do you balance some of the new offensive schemes with having cornerstone plays you feel comfortable running?It’s the versatility of the players, we want to attack in different ways. You want some cornerstones plays in your offense, in the running game and the passing games. Everything else complements off that [url=http://www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com/authentic-tyrone-crawford-jersey]Tyrone Crawford Jersey[/url] , the double-moves, the misdirection, or putting guys in different spots. Best offenses have givens (cornerstone plays), things you are confident in.What happened to Chidobe Awuzie yesterday? His back tightened up in middle of practice, it looked like he was moving better today. We’ll see how he is today in practice.Parker Ehinger?He was hurt in practice, we are working out a guy today, Xavier Su’a-Filo. We’ll have to see about a scope for Ehinger. (You can read more about Su’a-Filo here and here.)Can you talk about Julius Peppers? One of the best to ever play in the NFL, he was playing when I was was playing. He’s a great player wherever he’s been. He’s a good run defender and an elite pass rusher, he’s productive and makes game-changing plays.Everybody says he’s a true professional.Can you talk about Travis Frederick as a person?One of the best guys I’ve ever met, just an outstanding person and a really good player. A lot of what he does on field reflectson him off the field. How hard he works [url=http://www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jaylon-smith-jersey]Authentic Jaylon Smith Jersey[/url] , how he is as a teammate. I’ve talked about this before, this health situation is about Travis the person first.The relationship between Dak Prescott and Scott Linehan? They need to be on the same page, they need to talk. The QB needs to understand why we do certain things from Scott’s view, and Dak needs to be honest and direct with Scott about things. You try to make the environment QB-friendly, there are things you can do about that and you choose to do what a QB does well. Dak can do a lot of different things so we don’t have to limit that, but it’s important for him to be direct, open and honest.Looking back do you still think Prescott tried to do too much last year? If you go back through NFL history, you try to make things easy for the QB. If your defense isn’t good, or your offensive line has problems or your running back, if you have no playmakers [url=http://www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com/authentic-ezekiel-elliott-jersey]Youth Ezekiel Elliott Jersey[/url] , that makes it hard for a QB. The load is spread around but if one guy has to carry the load it’s too hard.Randy Gregory’s body has changed, looks bigger, stronger? When we drafted him, we knew that was going to be part of his development. You like a guy who is tall, lean, explosive at that position. You understand they will grow into the body,but he’s never going be a squat-body, a two-gapper guy. Gaining strength will help his explosiveness.What do you talk about with Brett Maher? He’s a professional, he’s kicked a lot in games in college and in the CFL. He’s demonstrated that he is prepared. Now just carry that preparation into the game and continue to execute.

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