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Another week [url=http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/adam-vinatieri-jersey]http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/adam-vinatieri-jersey[/url] , another disappointing loss. he divisional race, but also not providing much in the way of hope that they have what it takes to right the ship. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers from this week’s game against the New York Jets.WinnersAndrew LuckLet’s take a minute to appreciate how good Andrew Luck has been. The guy is back from what could have been a career ending shoulder injury, and he is absolutely slinging the ball. He has been working with a largely practice squad-quality wide receiver group, and has been operating behind a revolving door of offensive linemen, but he has still looked incredible. No running game? Not a problem. Luck will just hoist the team on his surgically repaired shoulders and carry them downfield. He hasn’t been able to will them to wins this season, it’s is true. However, it isn’t hard to imagine what he could do with a decent or better skill position group on offense. Luck finished this game 23 of 43 for 301 yards, no sacks, 3 interceptions, and 4 touchdowns. Of those three picks, Luck only deserves credit for 1, as two came off bobbled passes. As usual, his receivers dropped more than a handful of passes that would have further improved on those numbers. Andrew Luck is a treasure and Colts fans are fortunate to be able to watch such a long run of stellar quarterback play.Malik HookerRobert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsThere have been a lot of questions about whether Malik Hooker is anywhere near getting back to his old self. So many in fact, that Zach Hicks did an entire breakdown of his production this year. Even without the benefit of the All-22 coaches film, you can see how impressive his first interception of the season is. It comes on a deep ball from Darnold down the left sideline, and it is badly underthrown. However, Hooker has to cover a ton of ground to get to the ball. With many safeties, this pass likely goes incomplete. This kind of play is big because this defense will thrive down the stretch on the ability to create turnovers. It was good to see Hooker have that kind of impact early in the game. Darius LeonardDespite working through an ankle injury, Darius Leonard had another productive day, racking up 9 tackles and a forced fumble that was recovered by the Colts. Leonard missed against the Patriots [url=http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/rigoberto-sanchez-jersey]http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/rigoberto-sanchez-jersey[/url] , but even when he is likely playing at less than 100%, the rookie linebacker finds himself consistently making an impact on the field. Any time the defense gives up 42 points they deserve to have any praise they’re given be taken with an extra-large grain of salt. The Jets rushed for more than 100 yards and passed for 280. The Colts defense wasn’t able to get off the field consistently, and Leonard deserves his share of blame for his part in the lopsided time of possession. However, on the whole he has been a positive part of the defense and continued to make a case that he deserves to be the front runner for the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Marlon MackHis first big contribution to this game was a bit of a black mark. The bobbled catch resulted in a pick for Luck, but he proved to be by far the most effective running weapon the Colts have had all season long. If he can continue to generate this kind of production on the ground and pair it with the abilities of guys like Nyheim Hines and Robert Turbin, it will give the Colts a big lift. All told, Mack had 89 yards on 12 attempts, despite the team trailing most of the game. That is the kind of production Frank Reich would be thrilled to get out of him going forward.Honorable Mention: Eric Ebron, who has 6 TDs through 6 weeks, tied for best in the NFL in receiving TDs.LosersChester RogersRobert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsIt seemed like every time the Colts had the ball at least one play involved a pass bouncing off Chester Rogers’ chest. It wasn’t quite as bad as that, but it was close. The Colts’ very first play was a Rogers drop which would have gotten them an immediate first down. There are simply too many instances of him missing on catches they have to have. Contrary to Frank Reich’s assertion that these are taking place on “contested catches,” the ones I kept seeing were as open as you can hope to be in most NFL games. It seems like the catches being contested is less the problem, and Chester Rogers not being an NFL caliber talent is more the issue. Is Rogers capable of making big and impressive plays? Sure. However, what makes you a good quality NFL receiver is the ability to be consistent. Running your routes well, getting separation, and making the catch are all things you have to do with consistency to succeed at this level, and Rogers so far has proven that he can only be expected to provide those things in flashes, not with any amount of consistency.Robert TurbinRobert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsIn his second game coming off suspension, many thought we might see an increase in involvement for Robert Turbin. Instead, we got 4 carries for 10 yards and a lost fumble. For a Colts offense that desperately needs to put a running game together, this was a problem. They needed a spark from Turbin upon his return [url=http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/quenton-nelson-jersey]Authentic Quenton Nelson Jersey[/url] , but instead he coughed up a fumble. Even worse, his fumble came on a possession directly after the Colts had gotten a defensive stop and gave a short field to the Jets offense which lead to points.Pass coverageThe cornerbacks for the Colts looked outclassed all day by the Jets and Sam Darnold. He abused them with seam routes consistently and when they matched up in man coverage they got picked on. There were communication issues and simply a couple instances of blown coverage. The linebackers didn’t look much better. Seam routes and slants were very effective to move the Jets’ offense up and down the field. Some of this is pretty common for this defensive scheme. The bend-don’t-break mentality is a familiar one to Colts fans. Even without the mental errors you have some tendency to give up yards. The problem is that this defense forgot about the not breaking part. Too many times they allowed the Jets to get into position to kick field goals—they had 7 on the day, 1 shy of the league record. That is a problem, and it started with the weakness against the pass. Marcus JohnsonJohnson is here as a loser for a different reason than many of the others on this list. He had 2 catches on 3 targets and 52 total yards. Unfortunately, one of those catches resulted in an egregious no-call in which the Jets defender clearly tackled him well out of bounds and the result was an injury that could damage his long-term prospects as a part of a team that needs anyone possible to step up at the wide receiver position. This killed me, because not only did it hurt the Colts in the moment, but the play resulted in Johnson’s injury. He was definitely a loser in this game, though it wasn’t his fault.Colts vs Ravens: Preseason week two winners and losers With two games in the books, we slogged ever closer to the start of the regular season. Week two was a hard watch. I was actually attending the game and stayed until the final whistle, for some reason. Regardless, let’s dig in and attempt to find our winners and losers from this contest.WinnersMatthias FarleyPhoto by Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesMatthias Farley made the first play of the game, and it was a pretty great one. The Ravens came out and took a deep shot downfield on their first play from scrimmage. Farley got a great break on the ball and batted it down in a nice effort. On the very next play, Farley proved his versatility by dropping the hammer on a runner and stopping them short of the line to gain. His solid play has made him the kind of reliable backup that is just what you need in a safety group where your two starters have had injury issues recently. If he has to play significantly, he has more than proven he is up to the task.Clayton GeathersSpeaking of safeties, we got a chance to see Clayton Geathers back in action tonight. He made his presence felt pretty early on, stripping the ball on a punt return that resulted in the Colts getting the ball back in great field position. He was active in his time on the field, seemingly in on every tackle. If Geathers can stay healthy, a big if, he is a difference maker. Pairing him with Malik Hooker provides two guys on the back end of this defense that know how to take the ball away and make plays. Darius LeonardPhoto by Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesIt is still early. This is not real football yet, it is the preseason. However, Darius Leonard looks like exactly what the Colts need in this linebacker group. You could hardly go a play without seeing him flying to the ball [url=http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/ryan-kelly-jersey]Authentic Ryan Kelly Jersey[/url] , batting away a pass, or leading the effort to gang-tackle the ball carrier. He isn’t a perfect player, but he has shown that if he can carry his play over to the regular season, he is a star in the making in the middle of this defense. That is hugely encouraging, because it is the area with the most questions, and if he establishes himself as a legitimate playmaker, this defense is vastly improved.John SimonGuess who’s back? John Simon is stating his case as clearly as possible for being a central fixture on this defense. He notched another sack, bringing his total to 2.5 for the preseason so far, and also had a tackle for a loss and 2 more QB hits. As a guy who many thought did not fit this new scheme and couldn’t really make the transition to defensive end, Simon just keeps making plays. Hassan RidgewaySpeaking of guys making plays and getting after the quarterback, Hassan Ridgeway is back again as well. Maybe it is foolish of me to do it, but I’m getting really excited about Ridgeway. There are plenty of reasons to pump the brakes on his ceiling, but the guy has now put together consecutive games with 2 sacks. He also had 3 tackles for a loss and 2 QB hits. The Colts’ depth at defensive line just keeps looking better with each week.LosersNyheim HinesReal talk time. Nyheim Hines has had a miserable preseason. His fumbling and kick return problems are becoming a serious issue. In the preseason it seems that Reich plans to keep using him, but it would be pretty questionable to start the season with Hines returning kicks in any capacity. He has a lot to prove if he wants to make any contribution to this team.Reece FountainFountain hasn’t done much in camp and has generally looked raw, like you expect from a rookie out of a small school. However, he had an opportunity to make an impression last night, and frittered it away. He was the target on two end zone looks from Brissett and couldn’t bring either one in. The passes weren’t great, but he has to step up and make a play there. Andrew LuckPhoto by Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesThis was not a good game for Andrew Luck. He threw an ugly pick on their second drive on a pass with a pretty unclear target. It is clear that there is still not great chemistry with his receivers, and without T.Y. Hilton in the game, he struggled. Some miscommunication with Ryan Grant led to a miss on a deep ball along the sideline, and he really only was able to consistently connect with Jack Doyle. This is not a major worry to me. Luck is not a good quarterback [url=http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/matt-slauson-jersey]Womens Matt Slauson Jersey[/url] , he is a great one. The play calling and scheme are being kept very vanilla, his best receiver wasn’t on the field, the offensive line was missing its starting left tackle, and they were facing a very good pass defense. Luck will be fine, but this was not a pretty outing for him.Ryan GrantWhat is it exactly that Ryan Grant offers this team again? The bill on him was that he was the reliable playmaker. Nothing spectacular, but he was sold as the Jack Doyle of the receiver group. He wouldn’t make big plays after the catch, he wasn’t making highlight reels, but he would come in, do his job, and make valuable catches when needed. I’m still waiting to see one. It is true, Luck didn’t give him the best throws to work with. The first was a miss on a fade route where it seems Grant turned over his inside shoulder and Luck threw to his outside shoulder. It was a bit high, but could possibly have been brought down. The second was on a drag route and was high off his fingertips. Maybe it is unfair to criticize him too harshly for missing on these, but if you’re the team’s number two receiver, it seems like you need to actually make some plays.Denico AutryAutry had a pretty rough two play stretch, getting called for encroachment and then nailed for leading with the helmet. While the helmet rule is a total mess, this was definitely the kind of play where you know he’s getting hit with it. Darius Leonard is in the process of making an excellent tackle, literally catching the tight end in the air and slamming him into the ground. Autry comes in late with a helmet hit that actually pushes him upfield. Worse for Autry, he got banged up on a play and was down for a bit before walking off on his own. In a competitive defensive line group, any kind of injury is bad for establishing that he is a guy who deserves playing time.

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