When I was very young,

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When I was very young, I remember that the happiest time of the day was sitting on my mother's lap and listening to my mother's "Infant Pictorial" and "Baby World". When I was a little older, I read "Children's Pictorial" with my father and mother. After school, every year when the new semester starts school or during the summer vacation, my father and mother will always take me to Xinhua Bookstore to buy the books I love to read, so that I can read them once. I will read at least two or more novels during the holidays. I love to see the Italian writer Kolodi's "Pinocchio", I also love to see the British writer Defoe's "Rupin Sun Drifting", my favorite is the French writer Verne's science fiction [url=www.newportandmarlborosale.com]Buy Cigarettes Marlboro[/url], such as "Two thousand miles under the sea" "Mysterious Island." Among Chinese writers, I love to read "Naughty Bao Ma Xiao Jump" written by Yang Hongying and Auntie [url=www.cigarettesstoreonline.com]Cigarette Cartons Wholesale[/url]. Recently, I read Grandpa Kim��s "The Adventures of Utopia" and Uncle Cao Wenxuan's "Grass House". After studying at school, I will read the small articles in "Colorful Chinese", "Youth Literature" and "I Love Writing". I like sports very much, so sometimes I will watch the sports specials of the Yangzi Evening News and Jinling Evening News. When I was tired, I read the scientific adventure comic books written by Korean writers. It was very interesting. I often looked at myself and laughed. From "Pinocchio", I realized that it is not easy to be a good boy; I learned a witty, brave and optimistic attitude towards life from "Ribin Sun Drifting" and "Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea"; from "Goodbye, can In Lu, I understand that simplicity, trust, and care are the most beautiful feelings in the world. From the body of Dai Feiting, the protagonist in The Classroom of Flying, I realized that knowledge can change my destiny, and the poverty of the family can't stop hisding activities again and again have helped me a lot. Through reading, I seem to be talking to a wise man [url=www.shoptobaccoonline.com]Buy Newport Online[/url]. It teaches me the truth of doing things, encourages me to improve myself, makes me feel the beauty of life, learns to honor my parents, and loves my country. . I am grateful to it, I think of Gorky's words: books are the ladder of human progress. There is a "robber" in our community. There is no one in the whole body, not covered with white hair, red cockscomb, strong legs, and domineering.as very fascinating. No, when I went out in the morning, I saw it with wings and chased a dog about half a meter long. The dog was obviously scared [url=www.buycigarettescoupons.com]Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. He ran away and ran away. It was so eager to look forward to the next goal. This time it was eyeing me. It actually opened up for me, the one-meter-five man, and came closer from me. My father and I sneaked at it. The target was obviously directed at me. My father slammed it on the foot. It immediately fled and fled, and made us laugh. Then, it went to provoke a little girl about three years old. The little girl scared to hide behind her mother. The little girl��s mother kept playing the cock with her schoolbag. The cock��s smart east hides and the west flashes. A pair of Laipi who does not give up. After two or three minutes, the owner of the cock came and kicked the cock back. The "boxer" was finally defeated. Really a funny big cock.I told this to my mother at noon [url=www.buycigarettescoupons.com]Discount Cigarette Cartons[/url], my mother said, "That must be a 'bandy chicken'. Next time you give it some breakfast, it will be released..." This answer made me happy. in the afternoon.

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