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BEIJING [url=http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/jason-spezza/]Cheap Jason Spezza Hat[/url] , Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Wednesday criticised the stance of German Ambassador to China on issues concerning bilateral cyber security consultation.

Hua Chunying was commenting on recent remarks by German Ambassador to China Michael Clauss, at a daily press briefing.

The ambassador allegedly said in a recent interview that in June 2016, Germany and China agreed to establish a consultation mechanism on cyber issues, but up to now such consultation has not been held due to China's lack of sincerity.

Hua said that some of the acts and remarks of the ambassador were not constructive, even wrong.

""China is always open to exchanges and cooperation with Germany in the field of cyber security [url=http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/alexander-radulov/]Cheap Alexander Radulov Hat[/url] ,"" said Hua, noting that the two sides conducted thorough exchanges on the issue within the framework of the China-Germany high-level security dialogue in this June.

China has also repeatedly invited the German side to send a delegation to China for cyber consultations, but they never sent it, said Hua.

""It makes no sense that the German side now accuses China of lacking sincerity.""

She said that as an ambassador, Clauss should well know the details. China expects the German Embassy in Beijing to be professional and responsible [url=http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/ben-bishop/]Cheap Ben Bishop Hat[/url] , and do what is conducive to the development and promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation.

" "

BRUSSELS, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) again behaved in a discriminatory manner by publishing a single country report on so-called ""market distortions"" in China, a leading trade lawyer told Xinhua on Friday.

""It could be argued that the EU, by publishing a country report only on China, again behaves in a discriminatory manner by singling out China [url=http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/stephen-johns/]Cheap Stephen Johns Hat[/url] ,"" said Edwin Vermulst at VVGB Advocaten, an independent international law firm based here.

Vermulst believed that the 465-page report relied on studies conducted several years ago or by stakeholders.

The EU's new anti-dumping legislation entered into force on Wednesday after being proposed one year ago by the European Commission, an executive body of the EU.

As the new rules require the proving of the existence of a ""significant market distortion"" for calculating dumping, the Commission on the same day published its first country report on the so-called ""state-induced distortions"" in China, which the EU industry may rely on as evidence to continue using the analogue methodology in anti-dumping probes.

The report describes certain aspects of the Chinese economy [url=http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/brett-ritchie/]Cheap Brett Ritchie Hat[/url] , focusing on the country's macro-economy, the main production factors used in all manufacturing processes, and certain sectors of the economy, including steel and ceramics.

""It proceeds from a black and white world view that does not exist in the real world where differences between, for example [url=http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/esa-lindell/]Cheap Esa Lindell Hat[/url] , the economic systems of many EU member states and those of China are much more nuanced than the report suggests,"" the lawyer said.

In November, in a crucial step to update EU protectionism arsenal, the European Parliament gave green lights to the amended new legislation for anti-dumping and anti-subsidized imports from countries outside the EU.

Prior to the European Parliament's vote to approve the new anti-dumping legislation, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) told the EU that its new anti-dumping rules granting separate treatment for imports under ""significant market distortions"" were not in compliance with its WTO obligations.

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Posted by universalfinance in Finance on March 15th, 2017

In corporate world, skilled professionals are required who can manage every aspect well. Above all, there is an urgent need for accounting professionals who are not only trained in normal accounting standards but also possess leading integrative and hi-tech competency with multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills.

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