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For several years [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Jeff-Carter-Adidas-Jersey/]Jeff Carter Jersey[/url] , dual monitors, or multiple monitors in general, have been in use now. Graphic designers, technicians and investors equally have used the setup to increase display real estate for some time. Dual (or more) screens enables you to extend the computer desktop and helps you turn into a “power user” who may have a number of programs open and visible at the same time. We’ve all noticed pictures of professional traders having many monitors. Some may appear absurd [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Tyler-Toffoli-Adidas-Jersey/]Tyler Toffoli Jersey[/url] , and a few probably are born not by need but by vanity, but multiple screens will be able to provide you with a more whole view of the markets. Two to three good-sized monitors will enable you to encircle yourself with data that is instantaneously accessible by merely turning your head. When the markets are volatile, this is a crucial requirement of every serious trader.

How Dual Monitors Show More of the Market

If you have one monitor, you most likely have 1-2 charts up. It’s likely you have your order entry display up [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Tanner-Pearson-Adidas-Jersey/]Tanner Pearson Jersey[/url] , then maybe some table-based scanner. Given that you have these on a single monitor, they’re perhaps little enough to fit but will also be small enough to become tough to read when it’s time. Then of course you’ll probably have a lot of apps minimized, so when you need them, they must be manually maximized. When split second actions are needed [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Nate-Thompson-Adidas-Jersey/]Nate Thompson Jersey[/url] , this is simply too much time and far too much work. Several monitors let many applications not only to run at the same time, but they also permit you to run every one of them in a way you will see.

For example, if you have 3 monitors, you might have 2 screens focused on charts. One monitor displays the futures contracts you have in mind with lots of room for your preferred indicators. Mac-d [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Derek-Forbort-Adidas-Jersey/]Derek Forbort Jersey[/url] , moving averages — these kinds of indicators fit on your display screen effortlessly and allow easy viewing. Your second monitor might show your selected stock charts in a similar setup. Maybe they both show exactly the same stock in several different charts that show its movements in various time frames. Being aware of a stock’s pattern of movement in both short and long time frames will allow you to make vital decisions with a lot more precious information. Your 3 rd monitor can display your order entry window and perhaps your preferred cable financial news channel. You can get feeds of these channels either gratis or for a small cost, and with dual or multiple displays, they fit seamlessly into your work-flow.

Dual Monitor or Triple Monitor Recommended Setups

Don’t forget these guidelines when putting your own multiple monitor trading personal computer together:

You’ll pick the very same graphics card for each pair of displays, so ensure the chosen card supports 2 screens using formats your displays work with (DVI or VGA plugs)Your computer’s power supply and also fan should be sufficient enough to power and cool these kinds of hardware additions
Horizontal configurations are usually simpler to view than up and down [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Alex-Iafallo-Adidas-Jersey/]Alex Iafallo Jersey[/url] , as vertical layouts need constant up-and-down head motion
Begin with just 2 displays. When you need more, move from there. There’ no requirement to jump directly to 3 or more screens if it’s unnecessary
Bottom line: Trading With Multiple Displays

Dual or multiple displays increases your market awareness when the time comes to make those quick, vital trading selections. Start with 2, after that keep adding them until you’ve determined the best amount. Way too many screens could be a distraction and result in neck pain. When you’ve determined the best number [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Tobias-Rieder-Adidas-Jersey/]Tobias Rieder Jersey[/url] , nevertheless, dual monitors (or maybe more) will serve an individual vastly in trading and in normal productivity.

Russell and Jason are stock and futures traders who enjoy writing about technology and the markets. Visit their dual monitors website for more information about trading setups.

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