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One of the most anticipated TV series of the year, The Legend of Mi Yue, finally debuted Monday. Directed by Zheng Xiaolong and with a cast led by Sun Li, the series is similar to the duo's previous hit show The Legend of Zhen Huan. Although the crew behind the new series is nearly identical to that of Zhen Huan, both the director and the leading actress have emphasized that the new story would be very different from the previous show. No matter what, one thing is sure to be the same, the marketing team is trying to create another commercial success story.

However, not everything around the show has been positive.

On November 11, Jiang Shengnan, a writer hired by the studio to adapt her unfinished novel into the series, blasted the studio on Sina Weibo for not recognizing her contributions to the show.

The dispute

In an article published on Friday, Mi Yue producer Cao Ping outlined how the studio and Jiang began working with each other.

According to Cao, Jiang had published a 7,000-character section of The Legend of Mi Yue online in 2009. Coming across the section, in 2012 Cao asked Jiang to work on adapting her work into a TV series. In August of 2012, Jiang signed a contract with the studio to write scripts for the show, as well as promise not to publish her novel before the TV series aired. In March of 2014, Jiang handed in scripts for 53 episodes and later the show was shot from September 2014 to January 2015.

While things seem clear cut at this point, things get complicated because Jiang was not the only screenwriter for the TV series. The studio also hired Wang Xiaoping, the wife of the show's director, to rewrite Jiang's scripts. In promotion materials for the TV series released in January, Wang was credited as the head screenwriter for the show, while Jiang was listed as original scriptwriter. Seeing her demotion, Jiang decided to move ahead and publish her novel through a publishing house in August.

Viewing Jiang's decision as violating her contract, the studio moved to take Jiang to court.

On November 24, the Beijing Chaoyang District Court published its decision on its official Sina Weibo account. According to the decision Jiang was found to be in violation of her contract.

While this may be seen as a blow against Jiang, She Huimin, chief editor of the Economic Daily, pointed out on her social media account that this judgment actually helps Jiang.

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