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Actor Zhang Yi in a scene from Cock and Bull, set to hit the big screen on September 15 Photo: IC

Chinese director Cao Baoping will return to cinemas on September 15 with his new work Cock and Bull, according to a press release sent to the Global Times on Wednesday. The film follows in the same genre as Cao's popular crime-thriller The Dead End [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Jonathan-Quick-Adidas-Jersey/]Authentic Jonathan Quick Jersey[/url] , which was both a critical and financial success in the Chinese film market.

Already helping actor Liu Ye grab the Best Actor Award at this year's Shanghai International Film Festival, the film starts with a robbery and then the murder of a motorist in a small town in western China. The main suspect Song Laoer (Liu), who doesn't trust the police to solve the case, works to clear his name by hunting down and capturing the real criminal behind these crimes.

Although Cao has a number of films under his belt, it was The Dead End that enabled him to seize the Best Director Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival last year.

At a recent press conference [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Dustin-Brown-Adidas-Jersey/]Authentic Dustin Brown Jersey[/url] , Cao told media that "compared with The Dead End, the new film will be more relaxed and feature more humorous moments. Audiences are sure to be happier and be more accepting of the plot. This is one of those black humor films that I prefer."

"I have faith in each one of my films and actors and I like working with them to explore the inner worlds of each role," he noted.

The film also stars Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen and Sun Lei.

Creating Linq to Sql Entities in C#

Author: LinqHelp

This tutorial was created with Visual Studio .NET 2008 [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Anze-Kopitar-Adidas-Jersey/]Authentic Anze Kopitar Jersey[/url] , but can be recreated in 2005, after downloading and installing Microsoft's LINQ Community Technology Preview release, which can be downloaded from here.

Visual Studio.NET 2008 makes it very easy for us to create LINQ to SQL Entities using the Object Relational Designer. What it does is creates classes and methods that relate to the database columns and tables. This makes it possible for us to communicate with the data using LINQ (Language Integrated Query).

This tutorial will show how we can bypass the Designer and write the class ourselves, so that we get a better understanding of what's going on. For this example, we will be using a SQL database with one table and three columns - id [url=http://www.teamkingsproshop.com/Kings-Drew-Doughty-Adidas-Jersey/]Authentic Drew Doughty Jersey[/url] , name, and city.
Once we have our database set up, we will create a new class to represent the database table structure. It should look something like this:

using System;

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