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About ten minutes after your cat leaves the box, LitterMaid Automatic Litter Boxes start cleaning up, using an infrared sensor to detect waste. So not only don’t you have to clean it up yourself [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/donovan-mitchell/]Cheap Donovan Mitchell Jersey[/url] , but this type of box also helps reduce odors because waste is disposed of quickly. You can’t be around to clean out the box all the time, so with a traditional box, the waste can sit there for hours and stink up your house. LitterMaid automatic boxes rake waste into a covered container quickly, which is more sanitary.

If your cat is used to an ordinary litter box [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/derrick-favors/]Cheap Derrick Favors Jersey[/url] , it may take a little time for it to get used to the LitterMaid. These are not difficult for a cat to use but your cat may balk at the change. One trick you can use to get your cat to make the switch is to keep your old litter box nearby and don’t clean it. The cat is smart he will quickly decide the clean litter is the way to go. At first, the cleaning mechanism might disturb your cat, but since it’s set up to not go off until a few minutes after the cat leaves the box, this isn’t usually a problem.

Some LitterMaid customers have complaints about the unit jamming or not working properly. Purchasing one of these models means you’ll have to guess how much litter you’ll need and what type of litter to use in the Litter Mate box. It’s necessary for you to use the premium clumping litter in order for the rakes to work like they are supposed to. Using the right amount of litter is also an issue you will need to contend with. It’s important that you pay close attention to the fill line to avoid causing problems associated with over or under filling the box. So [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/tony-bradley/]Cheap Tony Bradley Jersey[/url] , one thing you have to keep in mind about LitterMaid boxes is that you have to follow all the instructions carefully or it may not work as advertised.

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BAMAKO, March 18 (Xinhua) -- A combat helicopter for the UN Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) crashed on Tuesday near Gao, northern Mali, killing two crew members [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/alec-burks/]Cheap Alec Burks Jersey[/url] , the mission said in a statement.

The accident occurred when the Apache helicopter "was trying to make emergency landing" at around 1:00 p.m. local time, some 42 km from Gao.

"The two crew members lost their lives during the accident that occurred during a training session by a Dutch contingent of MINUSMA in the zone," the statement said.

The medical team that was immediately deployed to the ground did not manage to save the lives of the crew members, the statement added.

MINUSMA immediately deployed teams to secure the site. The mission's specialized investigators as well as those from Netherlands are expected to launch investigations to establish the exact cause of the accident.

Netherlands has deployed to Mali [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/jonas-jerebko/]Cheap Jonas Jerebko Jersey[/url] , through MINUSMA, 450 soldiers, with four Apache helicopters and three Chinook helicopters.

Have you at any time before made an attempt talking about your new product or service to a prospective buyer however find that despite putting in all the cash on the special brochures, thick reports [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/ricky-rubio/]Cheap Ricky Rubio Jersey[/url] , and attractive powerpoint slides - your potential customer still does not comprehend? And as a result of this, you lost out on a deal or financing?

An increasing number of firms right now are turning to computer animated explainer videos to do the talking, clarifying, convincing and converting.

With the right story [url=http://www.cheapjazzshop.com/joe-ingles/]Cheap Joe Ingles Jersey[/url] , mindfully chosen pictures and very clear script, you can describe any product or service in a few minutes what your documents or flyers can never hope to accomplish. That's the objective of an explainer video - it describes complicated ideas with high aesthetic impacts.

Before getting into why these video productions are fantastic for your company, let's see a few short facts about why videos are so vital for today's small business:

1) They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Now 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of text!

2) It is estimated that 100 Million people enjoy online videos daily. And that number is still growing with the proliferation of fast data transfer - both on the desktop and mobile devices.

3) Youtube is the Number 2 Internet search engine on the planet. Don't you desire to get ranked there?

4) If you have a retail product , 64% of business website viewers are very likely to buy the goods after viewing a online video about it.

5) 80% of people can recollect viewing a video ad on a internet site that they visited in the last month. Just picture that? Can your written report compare?

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