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If you climb often you are aware that it is vital to take proper care of your equipment and be certain that you equipment is in working order so that you can rely on it during climbing expeditions. Before you set out on your mountaineering expedition [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-dalton-schultz-jersey.html]Dalton Schultz Jersey[/url] , check the fitness of your climbing rope. Check the whole length of the rope for any defects. The best way to check the rope is to feel it with your hand because your eyes many not notice everything. Run your hand along the full length of the rope so that you can feel it if something is wrong with the rope. Any flat or thin areas on the rope are an indication of the weakness of the rope and it would be dangerous to use the rope without mending the defects.

Taking care of your rope, by cleaning and drying it after every expedition, is important. The best way to clean the rope is to hand wash it in a large bowl using warm water and gentle soap. If you prefer to wash it in a washing machine, make sure that it is in a net bag to prevent it from getting entangled with the washing machine. After washing the rope [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-dorance-armstrong-jr-jersey.html]Dorance Armstrong Jr. Jersey[/url] , let it dry. Hang it flat with no folds so that all parts of the rope will get dried well. However remember not to expose your rope to direct sunlight.

When storing your climbing rope, you should put it in a cool and dry area that is not exposed to the sun. One way to help prevent corrosion is buy purchasing and storing the rope in rope bags. In addition you may want to hang your rope so it does not get damaged from laying on one side when you are not using it.

Ropes have to be cleaned and washed regularly, either manually-washing or perhaps in a washer. For hands-cleansing the rope, make use of a large bath tub or vessel with mild cleaning soap and lukewarm water to get rid of the grime.
When you replace an old rope with a new one [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-michael-gallup-jersey.html]Michael Gallup Jersey[/url] , buy one which will suit the special needs of the area where you intend to use the climbing rope. If any rope has caused you to fall or if you think that the rope is damaged in any way, replace it with a new one immediately. The more care you take of your climbing rope, the longer it will last.

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A swimming pool can be a very hazardous place for people and animals of any age, but is especially dangerous where children are involved. As a swimming pool owner you have to be aware of the risks and take extra precautions especially for the sake of children.

Here are a few swimming pool safety tips for parents of kids.

It Is Never All Right To Leave Your Child Unattended - Ever. no matter what the age [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-chaz-green-jersey.html]Chaz Green Cowboys Jersey[/url] , you should never leave your child in the pool unattended without you or another responsible adult close by. Even if you just have to run to the restroom, or grab the phone. You don't know what might happen in that couple minute you're gone, and that's really all it takes for something disastrous to happen.

Place a Fence Completely Around Your Pool - Separate the pool area from the yard and play area. Most drowning accidents occur when young children slip and fall into a pool. Make sure the fence is at least 4 feet high, and the the self-latching gate is well out of reach [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-byron-jones-jersey.html]Byron Jones Cowboys Jersey[/url] , so that your child or children cannot open it without the help of a grown up. Setting clear ground rules for not going near the pool area will not be enough, because children often wish to test their boundaries with such things.

Remove All Toys -- Make sure to remove all pool tools from the pool after you and your child are done swimming, and keep them out of their reach. Sometimes a young child who is left unsupervised near the pool will want to swim, even though you're not around - making this as hard as possible will discourage this activity.

Instruction For Your Babysitters - Make sure your babysitters know the rules of the pool [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-maliek-collins-jersey.html]Maliek Collins Cowboys Jersey[/url] , and the safety measures that you have put in place - it's a better idea to not allow your child to swim when your babysitter is there period, though, just in case.

Blow up' Flotation Equipment Should Not Be Substitutes-- Blow up flotation devices aren't substitutes for a life vest. You can find many different color life vests, and ones that are very cute for young children to wear - 'wings' [url=http://www.cowboysauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-jaylon-smith-jersey.html]Jaylon Smith Cowboys Jersey[/url] , tubes, and other products are no substitute and should not be used when a child doesn't have a life vest on.

Safety Covers

Having a secure swimming pool

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