That was one of the dumbest and luckiest games

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That was one of the dumbest and luckiest games of football I have ever seen the Carolina Panthers play. Let’s make that clear up front. This column isn’t sunshine and roses because a win is a win this week. Captain Colin Jones [url=http://www.pantherscheapshop.com]www.pantherscheapshop.com[/url] , with key assists from DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel, made sure that a punt was not a bad play. Graham Gano kicked lights out, including that game winner that might have taken the lights out at a dome. The rest would be concerning if the Panthers had suffered another conference loss yesterday. Instead, there is hope that the litany of mistakes can merely be instructional.We’ll talk more as the week goes on about how many questionable decisions were made by Norv Turner, Ron Rivera, and Cam Newton against the New York Giants. An octo[url=http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com/luke-kuechly-jersey-authentic][img]http://www.sndpic.com//nike_nfl_jerseys/nike_carolina_panthers/nike_panthers_196.jpg[/img][/url]pus on a slip-n-slide could have won a three-legged race more gracefully than the Panthers beat the Giants yesterday. It happens. The NFL is weird and the Cleveland Browns keep taking folks to overtime to remind them just in case they forgot. To harp on the down day for the defense or the uncharacteristic miscommunications between Ian Thomas and Cam that led to two turnovers would do a disservice to the great potential the Panthers demonstrated yesterday.Christian McCaffrey didn’t break the game, but he had a couple of runs that made you hold your breath just in case he did. He has that potential that every fan and coach wants on their team: the run-away speed that can ruin a defense that makes even a single mistake. It’s exciting to watch in a way that even DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart weren’t —not quite— in their primes. He’s a reliable Ted Ginn, Jr.What’s more, the Panthers put the ball in the hands of rookie DJ Moore and second year wide receiver Curtis Samuel with space to move. I held my breath the same way I did for McCaffrey. These kids have the speed we hoped they would. Half the credit for their big plays goes to the Giants for putting on a clinic for poor tackling. Their speed was on full display in that much traffic, though. Imagine what it would look like in the secondary.It’s been a long time since the Panthers have had a player with the home run ability of McCaffrey. I don’t think they have ever had two players in that mold. If all three of these guys work out; if McCaffrey, Samuel, and Moore can all earn the trust of the coaches; if they each can force Turner’s hand into giving them significant roles in the game plan week in and week out then the Panthers offense is going to be a show worth watching.Their speed in front of the threat that is Cam Newton is not something that the NFL is made to handle. Devin Funchess can continue to settle into his role as a reliable contributor, a 1b to Greg Olsen’s 1a when he returns (possibly next week!). The Panthers can use those guys to move the chains while pinning safeties impossibly far back in fear of the three actual jungle cats the Panthers have masquerading as offensive skill players. It won’t work out quite that way, of course, but the players are finally there. They could do it.I don’t know if Turner is the right coordinator for that job. I don’t know if Rivera is an aggressive enough coach to even want that kind of ability to chew up yards and score touchdowns. I do know the Panthers flashed the potential for an unstoppable offense yesterday. Weird things happen in the NFL, so I’m happy to give them a pass for this game. For now. We’ll see if they can take advantage of their talent and stop manufacturing these nail biting finishes.That’s how they become relevant in the post season. That’s how 2015 happened. It’s worth it [url=http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-t-shirts]Carolina Panthers T-Shirt[/url] , even if that means no longer having some of the greatest calls of the week, like this one, courtesy of the Spanish language broadcast team: For Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, starting a fund for Hurricane Florence relief with $100,000 of his own money was the easy part.Tuesday, he saw the damage with his own eyes, and it literally hit close to home.Peppers spent his off day helping with recovery efforts in Lumberton, which is less than a two-hour drive away from his hometown in Eastern North Carolina. And that helped him realize the scope of what happened in September.鈥淢y home isn鈥檛 too far away from that area, and that made it real to me,鈥?Peppers said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer. 鈥淚t made it real to me to actually come down here and see some of the damage, some of the people who were affected by this disaster.”Peppers’ initial donation was impressive, and has been matched by quarterback Cam Newton and other teammates are chipping in. But the damage in Eastern North Carolina is extensive, and will take years to fix. He realized that during his tour with the United Way to Robeson County, during which he had to wear protective masks to protect himself from toxic mold that has taken over many homes which were flooded.鈥淎 lot of these people had to rip the walls out of their homes, throw out furniture and clothing [url=http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-hats]Carolina Panthers Hats[/url] , throw out everything that they had, all of their possessions thrown to the side of the road,鈥?Peppers said. 鈥淪eeing those things, and the people telling their stories, it was an experience that I鈥檓 going to take with me and that I鈥檓 going to share with others as I encourage others to come try to help out, too. . . .鈥淲hen the storm hits, and the media coverage isn鈥檛 there anymore, those people are still there,鈥?he said. 鈥淭he problems don鈥檛 leave just because the cameras did. The after-effects where people are having to go in and do these repairs, oftentimes on their own or with the help of volunteers, it鈥檚 a tall task. . . . Some of these people are still rebuilding from the last hurricane two years ago. It鈥檚 been a tough time for all of them, and it鈥檚 going to be a process even now.鈥漈he process will be a long one for North Carolina, and anyone who wants to help with that process can do so by clicking here.

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