Towering buildings and buildings,

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Towering buildings and buildings, running gallops and BMWs, busy roads and pedestrians, dusty sky and sunshine.an people walked on the high overpass and rushed to the workplace. Every day is like this. For them, life seems to be like this. No matter where they go, their busy figure seems to be dismissive of everything around them [url=www.cigarettesss.com]Newport 100 Wholesale[/url], but they don��t know and don��t want to know under the high overpass. Who are these people: that are some migrant workers who are covered with blankets..se migrant workers who seek hard labor from the poor villages in all directions to the city will gather under the bridge every day [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Carton Of Newport Cigarettes In Ny[/url]. After a hard day, they will always put a mat here and sleep for one night. It seems that this is where they live. This is their world. Yes, in this unaccompanied city, they are poor laborers. They have no money, but they are trying to make money with their solid body. In order to get rid of poverty, for the elderly mother and the children still studying, and to wait for the good days to come, wait for the lovely sunshine to shine into their poor corners.they have been waiting. On the construction site, under the hot sun, on the dark shoulders, they carried the bags of hot [url=www.cigarettesss.com]Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online[/url], hot cement quickly. For the rich treatment and superior life of the senior white-collar workers, they did not expect it, and they did not know what kind of life it was. But they are just waiting for their ideals. For this ideal realization, they are not just waiting, they are still fighting, trying to create opportunities for life with their tired shoulders.beginning of the year, cctv-1 once played the TV series "Migrant Workers". After reading it, I felt a long time. The drama vividly reproduces the hardships of migrant workers. Although they have been working outside the home for generations but have not changed their living conditions, they still maintain that point of hope and wait. They are different from the shepherds who "raise sheep, daughter-in-law [url=www.cigarettesss.com]Discount Marlboro 100S[/url], have children, and raise sheep". They are not comfortable with the status quo. They are waiting for the sun to shine.ve seen some migrant workers who work outside the home, and have heard stories about migrant workers, knowing that they have always been indifferent in the city and discriminated against. But when the annual wages began, they still took up heavy burdens and embarked on a difficult journey. They don't complain about the injustice of society, but they always have hope for the future. What a lovely, admirable obsessive wait!ant workers [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Newport For Duty Sale Only[/url], God did not give them the innate wealth, but they could not stop their yearning for happiness and waiting for the sun. For the persistent wait in the hearts of migrant workers, I admire them and praise them forever!

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