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Why you should Get Epygi Support for your Business
Posted by Miadistribution on October 11th [url=http://www.chaussuresmax270.fr/nike-air-vapormax-plus.html]Nike Air VaporMax Plus Soldes[/url] , 2018

If you the proud owner of a business that is medium- sized or small and need support Epygi are the people to contact. They are the certified integrators for the purpose. They will provide you with an affordable solution for all your networking requirements and also help you get all the benefits of the available features in your system.

They work in collaboration with the integrators and distributors to make sure all your business requirements are met. They help distributors with support and direct sales. With their quality service they keep customers satisfied. Integrators who need to be directlysupported byEpypi are provided with plans for technical support.

What are the Responsibilities for support?

All the customers of Epygi get software and documentation from them. Through their knowledge database and forum you can have answers to all your technical questions. It would be ideal for customers to get technical support directly from integrators who set up the system or in their absence an integrator who is authorized by them. Different methods are used to provide support to integrators distributors and customers.

Epygi has a Channel Portal that can be accessed by integrators, distributors and customers that are provided with a serial number QX. The Channel Portal makes available technical training and sales material. It also provides white papers and user guides for different features and applications. The Portal is also a knowledge exchange forum online. It provides access to Administrator’s Guide, Installation, product manual as well as guide to end user.

The use of EpygiQX50

The design of Epygi QX50 is ideal for a branch that is self-sufficient or a small office with around 50 phones. With QX50 you can have two PSTN connections with FXO analogs, two station ports with FXS analogs which can support around 16 phones of IP. Together you can make 16 IP calls. The phone system is provided with a router which is built-in with WAN and LAN ports to handle data network at the office.

With QX50’s ports of network connection, you can connect sale stations retail points or fax machines. But regular calls are directed on IP phones so that the company can save on costs. For small businesses Epygi with key features is ideal for PBX functions.

NBN Phone System

Today NBN is changing the way the phones work. It is helping small business with new opportunities. It comes with easy understandable technology. It is different andnew from the phones we have been used to. NBN phone system is digital, with hosted phone systems which makes it affordable. NBN Phone System does not need expensive hardware for managing or maintaining.

It is easy to connect and switch. Without any effort you can expand it anywhere. Who can benefit with NBN phone systems for medium sized businesses, small businesses, businesses established in temporary sites, businesses in industries that are changing as well as businesses with multiple locations. With NBN Phone System you can have SIP or VoIP phone for running the system.

If you are looking for Epygi Support visit Miadistribution.au and see all that it has to offer and how cost-effective it is.

Choose the Right Roofing Contractor to Protect Your Home

Posted by universalposition on March 3rd, 2017

Your roof needs to not only be stylish, but also efficient. The last thing that you want is for your roof to take damage during the next hailstorm, or other disastrous event, and then need to be immediately repaired. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you find the right roofing contractor San Diego that can install the absolute best roofing materials, with the highest attention to detail. While a lot of people feel that roofing is a simple project, in reality it is both time-consuming and meticulous. If you aren’t paying attention, or if you install your roofing materials incorrectly, you may end up putting your things and your family at risk.

This is why you’ll want to find an amazing residential roofing company San Diego that will be able to help you to choose the perfect roofing materials for your home, and then install them. This residential roofing contractor San Diego should have a fine eye for both design and proper installation, so you know from beginning to end that you’ll be getting the exact roof that you both want and deserve.

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