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Steelers vs. Falcons [url=http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/maurkice-pouncey-jersey]Womens Maurkice Pouncey Jersey[/url] , Week 5: Knee Jerk Reactions to Pittsburgh’s 41-17 win over Atlanta As Week Four was as demoralizing as it gets, I felt compelled enough to pick against the Steelers again at home against Atlanta. It started off better this week, but Steeler Nation is snake bitten, So I should just shut my trap and react as the game develops and open the window to all of you. So if you want to know how my emotions fluctuated throughout the evening, keep on reading.Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steelers and Falcons quest for redemption.Quarter 1James Conner has to set the tone early. Gotta set up the pass with the run.Not a TD. Should be reversed.Nice dive by Conner. That’s definitely a score.How much more of Boswell can we take?Is Landry’s absence as a holder the problem?I really wanted to see Matthew Thomas, but Fort is playing with heart.The Steelers really need to set the tone early with no points on the first drive.I know it is a free play, but Vance still needs to catch balls like that.Conner looks like a true feature back so far.Ben is not on point at all.The Ridley change-of-pace is good scheming.Great grab on a not-so-great pass by JuJu.Quarter 2A T.J. Watt sighting...good.Don’t blame AB, Ben is missing him.Defense is regressing.Edmunds looks good during this drive.Dammit Dupree.Watt the f#$@?????????????Hard to blame T.J. on that. Hate that call.Terrible third down defense.Two sacks one drive. Am I in a coma?Finally a third down stop.Blitzing makes a huge difference. Wish they could have done that last week.Mike Hilton is valuable to this team. Huge penalty on that punt. Gotta capitalize.Good decision by Ben to pull Dan and run instead of throw it away.Tak McKinley, that’s why you here about Big Ben. Made you look silly on that play.Bad decision by Ben. Blew a decision for a Chris Boswell miss on that pick.He’s decomposing by the week.Quarter 3Decent defense to start the second half.I don’t think he is [url=http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/jesse-james-jersey]Womens Jesse James Jersey[/url] , but if Ben is throwing to AB out of spite...that’s a problem.That was a pretty drive.Ben and AB are magic when they connect.Defensive stop and a Special Teams block...how many wires am I hooked up to?Rosie Nix is a perfect Steeler.Frustration leading to a defensive penalty and it isn’t the Steelers. Definitely a coma.Get in the end zone and widen the gap.Great assist by Rosie. Nice run by JC.Bostic fell. Horrible call.Bud needs his hands chopped off. That’s two, Alvin.Quarter 4Don’t worry Fox announcers, Julio is going to get his catches and then some.Ito Smith is named after Lance Ito? Kudos Mrs. Smith. Just Brilliant.That hookup between AB and Ben was Jennifer Aniston gorgeous.Falcon fans, I feel ya. Your team looks like they’ve gone to a Western PA school of discipline as well.Conner is putting on a clinic.I want that “Pittsburgh is Stronger Than Cancer” T-shirt.Brian Allen is having a great game on Special Teams.Good job, Artie Burns.Correction. C’mon Artie Burns.Watt came to life today. Fort as well.Defensive TD? My God....they’re going to pull the pug on me. I’ve got to fight the white light.Huge win. Ben was much better in the second half.This was a huge win. I should pick against them more. ...So...now as I replay the game more and more in my head, my perceptions and maybe my prescriptions will alter. But for now, you just got a glimpse of the first thoughts that popped in my mind while I was watching this game. Feel free to get your commentus maximus on in the section below.Steelers News: How to fix the nagging communications issues plaguing the defense The Pittsburgh Steelers are dealing with disappointment for the second week in a row after the Kansas City Chiefs came into Heinz Field and dismantled the home team. Heading into Week 3, the team must slowly turn its attention away from the embarrassing loss and solely focus on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Week-3, prime-time matchup. Something I did last season and I’m going to start again is the Black-and-Gold Links article. This is an article where I take stories from quality news sources across the Internet, and add them here for your viewing pleasure. I won’t be posting the entire articles, but I’ll link each story and author so that you can read the full article. Today we focus on the glaring need for the Steelers’ defense to fix the communication issues which seem to be surrounding Keith Butler’s unit, and we look at how these issues might be rectified.Let’s get to the news:Steelers attempt to address communication issues on defenseBy: Chris Adamski [url=http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/jon-bostic-jersey]Authentic Jon Bostic Jersey[/url] , Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewReceivers running wide open down the field — not just once, but on multiple occasions.Confused players sprinting onto the field, getting into alignment just before the ball was snapped. Other times, a similar frantic run was stopped as an annoyed teammate shooed him back to the sideline.Communication issues, by the defensive coordinator’s own admission, not just among the secondary but within the front seven as well.To put it bluntly: It wasn’t just the final score that was ugly for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense in last week’s 42-37 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.It’s difficult to pin down a worst moment for coordinator Keith Butler’s crew last Sunday. But when half of the defense was running one scheme and another half was in a different set during a first-quarter snap deep in Steelers territory, the result was an easy Travis Kelce 19-yard touchdown.“We have a quarterback on the (defense), and we always have to play what he is playing,” Butler said. “Even if he is wrong, we all have to be wrong. We all have to be ‘wrong,’ and we will be right if we do that.“I know that doesn’t make sense to y’all, but it makes sense to our guys.”Steelers fans watching some of the carnage might think the defensive calls weren’t making sense.The defense was facing one of the NFL’s better offenses in the Chiefs [url=http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/t.-j.-watt-jersey]http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/t.-j.-watt-jersey[/url] , and its issues ranged well beyond communication. But the players and coaches on the unit themselves acknowledged confusion was a significant factor in allowing three times as many touchdowns (six) as punts (two) during Kansas City’s 11 meaningful drives.It’s an issue that must be addressed by Monday when the Steelers face a Tampa Bay team that leads the league in total yards (482.5) and passing yards (405.0) per game and is second in scoring at 37.5.“Everybody needs to be talking, linebackers and safeties, making sure the linebackers and the D-linemen hear it,” cornerback Joe Haden said. “So it’s just echoing the calls. I think that’s about it (to fix the issues).”Kevin Gorman: Steelers star Antonio Brown wants to win, but business isn’t boomingBy: Kevin Gorman, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewAntonio Brown is accountable for his actions and took full responsibility for causing distractions for the Pittsburgh Steelers, even if he mostly blamed it on the media for magnifying his life under a microscope.The All-Pro wide receiver spoke publicly Thursday at Steelers headquarters for the first time since his “trade me” tweet, explaining his emotions are tied directly to being in the business of winning.And business is anything but booming.So, as Brown tells it, the heated sideline exchanges between Brown and assistant coaches Randy Fichtner and Darryl Drake in the 42-37 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday was merely a misunderstanding.Simply, the Steelers were losing, and Brown wants to win.“We haven’t won a game yet. For me [url=http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/bud-dupree-jersey]Authentic Bud Dupree Jersey[/url] , as a Steeler, that’s unacceptable,” Brown said. “I’m not on the sideline begging for the ball or making statements like you guys make. I’m (angry). We’re losing. We (stink).”If you were expecting a public apology, you’ve got the wrong guy.Brown did offer a mea culpa for forcing his teammates to answer questions about his tweet, which he called “a stupid remark online.” But he was otherwise defiant, a trait one teammate called “that dog in him” that carried Brown from sixth-round draft pick to NFL superstardom.“You guys make assumptions about my emotions. You don’t know me at all,” Brown said. “Everyone in this locker room knows what I stand for, knows what I’m about.”Steelers might just benefit from Antonio Brown’s defianceBy: Jeremy Fowler, ESPNOn the offensive, an unapologetic and defiant Antonio Brown replaced his signature ear-to-ear smile with tense, sometimes combative words.His Thursday session with the media was an extension of frustrations he expressed about the media back in the spring, offering a hint of contrition about his turbulent 72 hours -- mainly [url=http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/sean-davis-jersey]http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/sean-davis-jersey[/url] , his “trade me” tweet that he called a “stupid remark” and a distraction for his Pittsburgh Steelers.Brown is on edge, and has been for a while. He’s hot. And it’s still hard to believe what’s real, like what did Steelers coach Mike Tomlin really know about Brown’s Monday absence before it happened?But Brown’s broad message -- being “pissed off” the team’s not winning -- resonates in the Steelers’ locker room as just the edge this team needs after an 0-1-1 start.”That’s what you want the team to be thinking -- to be pissed off,” running back Stevan Ridley said.Brown and offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner are cool, with Fichtner calling the sideline exchange a nonissue. And teammates expect Brown to go off on Monday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Coming off Brown’s previous two controversies -- the Facebook Live broadcast in the locker room during the playoff two years ago and the flipped Gatorade cooler early last season -- Brown produced a combined 17 catches for 234 yards in the following games. In the Jacksonville game, Brown got 19 targets, or 25 percent of the Steelers’ offense.Guard Ramon Foster acknowledges Brown was rattled Sunday but dominates when the focus stays intact.”It’s more mental than anything,” Foster said of Brown’s game. “The physical part is just what he does. The mental part is when his mind is made up, that’s what makes him great. He’s not a weak guy. He’s a guy who understands and laughs at this stuff because he knows the end of this is going to be something great for him. I look forward to him bouncing up big time.” [url=http://www.nflshopoutlet.com/green-bay-packers]Custom Green Bay Packers Jerseys[/url]

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