2018 Houston Texans Training Camp:

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Here’s The Practice Schedule The Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears reported to training camp earlier this week. They haven’t started practicing yet [url=http://www.texansauthorizedshops.com/authentic-bruce-ellington-jersey]Youth Bruce Ellington Jersey[/url] , but they are there. The Houston Texans will report next week and will begin practice. Of course, training camp won’t actually begin in Houston. As they did last year, the Texans will start training camp at The Greenbrier in West Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The Texans will be in West Virginia from July 26th to August 7th; after that, they’ll travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs for their preseason opener.The Texans’ first training camp session in Houston will be on August 11th, and they will practice at the Houston Methodist Training Center until training camp officially ends on August 16th. The entire training camp schedule is below:BRB will (probably) still be here next week, so you can follow Texans’ training camp and the preseason here until the regular season starts against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on September 9th. I keep seeing ads on TV for Clint Eastwood’s new movie “The Mule.”I’m not going to see it.Matter of fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie he’s directed and definitely none of his latest movies, mostly because they’re kind of the same:a grizzled old man finds himself in a situation that probably won’t end well for him.So I won’t see it [url=http://www.texansauthorizedshops.com/authentic-ka_imi-fairbairn-jersey]http://www.texansauthorizedshops.com/authentic-ka_imi-fairbairn-jersey[/url] , but the ads remind me of an old movie of his that I watched Friday night for the first time since I was a kid.It was a loose, jangly 1970s blockbuster comedy featuring Eastwood, a biker gang, a love interest who I can only assume is a prostitute, and an orangutan.It’s called “Every Which Way But Loose.”I think “The Mule” is the gritty third and final chapter of the Philo Beddoe saga begun in EWWBL.They’re both truck drivers who got themselves involved in extralegal activities that may or may not get them killed.In EWWBL, Eastwood is a truck driver who participates in illegal bare-knuckle brawling for money in various blue collar worksites (a construction site, a meat packing plant, I think possibly a junkyard...you get the idea).The brawling, I suspect [url=http://www.texansauthorizedshops.com/authentic-d.j.-reader-jersey]D.J. 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Note:No diety struck me dead.]Weston(Vinatieri field goal.Fightin’ Beards lead 17-7.)RyanCapt RonHalftime Reactions:UTWestonLukeTim (in a rare in-studio appearance)BFDWestonTimUTThird Quarter:WestonRyan (to UT)UT(Texans challenge whether Ryan Griffin reached the end zone for a touchdown.Call stands.Put this in your back pocket, ladies and gentlemen.)UTWestonTimCapt Ron(Texans direct snap to Lamar Miller for the TD. Hirsute Midwesterners lead 17-14.)Capt RonRyanTimWestonDiehard ChrisCapt RonUT (to Capt Ron)Capt Ron (to UT)(Next Play...)(Texans’ secondary gets burned, Hairballs lead 24-14.)UTCapt RonBurnhamWestonCapt RonDiehard ChrisBFDUTFourth Quarter:WestonUTCapt RonWestonUTWestonBFDCapt RonUTCapt RonUT (to Capt Ron)TimCapt Ron (to UT)BFD (to Tim)UTCapt Ron(Ryan Griffin runs the ball to the Texans’ red zone.)UTCapt RonWeston(Clemson Connection bring the Texans to a field goal away from tying up the game, 24-21.)UTCapt RonUTMDCBFD (to Capt Ron)UTBFD (to MDC)Capt Ron(Clowney bites on a hard count by Luck, giving the Colts the first down and without timeouts to stop it.)UTBFDBurnhamWestonCapt RonUT(Texans lose to Colts in the most Texans way possible, 24-21.)Postgame Reactions:Capt RonUTTimWestonDiehard ChrisGame Balls:Offense - I’ll give it to Lamar Miller because someone should get one, I guess.Defense - Dre Hal for the interception.Special Teams - Let’s go with Trevor Daniel today.Got any alternate theories on movies you’d like to share?Want to argue about game balls?Something else on your mind?Well get your thoughts recorded in the comments below!

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