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I was born in the early morning of 30 years ago. I was born. I am the second boy in my family. I have a brother who is three years older than me. I was born three years earlier. I am very ordinary. I am like this. A dust in the world came quietly to this world. The memory of childhood was too fragmentary. It was only a little bit, mostly from the memories and remarks of the grown-ups, but I still think that people have come to this. In the world, I have to leave my own memories and traces of life. I like writing. I like to use words to express my inner feelings. I want to explain my inner troubles and embarrassment. My children, my childhood, are lonely [url=www.buycigarettescoupons.com]Cigarette Wholesalers[/url]. Growing up in loneliness, although I have a brother, but I don't know why, my heart is lonely. My grandmother often talks about it. The morning I was born, the sky is just bright, the earth is sleeping, my five grandmothers are The first one visited my home. According to the habits of my hometown, I had a child at home. The first foreigner came to step on the child. After that, the child��s temper may have followed this person. I have a bad temper. When I lose my temper, my grandmother always talks about this. In fact, my temper is due to the inherited temper of my grandmother and my father. Grandma is the daughter of the landlord in ancient times. Everyone is a good show. When I was a grandfather, I became a soldier and later liberated. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, he became the head of the Communist Party under the leadership of the Communist Party. Later, he was reinstated for five years because of innocent conviction. This is the day of the later words. At the same time that my brothers and I have added more joy to the family, one at home. Only a small donkey, but brought happiness to our family, and gave birth to three small scorpions in the family. This was a happy event at that time. The probability of a scorpion was very small. Oh, and our family came three at once [url=www.usacheapcigarettes.com]Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale[/url]. The people in the village ran to see the excitement, saying that our family was like a lamb. Mother often said that when she was just married to our Kang family, her family was very poor. How far was it? It was only one liter in the counter in the house, and eating stomach became a problem. It was the arrival of the mother, which brought hope to the family. It was the work of the father and the mother that supported this poor family. In the old place where the mountain is deep, relying on the heavens to eat, how difficult is the survival of the people. Every day, in order to survive, in order to be able to eat a full stomach, the mother and father often get up at two or three in the morning, rushing to the donkey. Taking advantage of the bar to plow the land, take a dozen miles of mountain roads to plant crops, and go to the mountains and fields to plant, Grandpa's task is to go to the sheep, go out to go to the sheep all day, go out early, come back very late, Grandma's task is to look at me And my brother, raising us to grow up, in the busy life, I remember that there are two things that have always been in my heart. I remember that at that time, the adults were very busy. During the day, the adults went out to work, and generally took me and My brother is at home. I remember once, it was raining heavily. The old family��s rain was very fierce. My parents and grandmother went to the field to grab the food. The downpour rain fell from the sky in an instant. The yard was full of water. At that time, my brother. At most four years old, I am less than two years old, my family is also anxious, madly running back, because the door is locked, we are too small to enter, and finally the mother is the first to run home, I couldn't find it at all, and I found us behind a solar stove that was fastened to the wall. There was a small cave in the house. It was a small nest of pigs at home. I thought we were smart at the time, it was raining, drilling. Going there, I drove the pig out and soaked in the rain. Now think about it, what a ridiculous and warm picture, but I don't remember it, just staying in the imagination and the memories of the grown-ups. Now I looked at my daughter��s mischievous, and took my glasses away for a while. I took my key away for a while, and it made people laugh. People��s life is always in this cycle. It reminds me of interesting things. There is a small pit on the back of the head. It is said to be a bean mat. When I was a child, I was the same naughty. I always ran around. When I hit the beans on my own wheat field, I accidentally let the beans under my feet slip [url=www.newportandmarlborosale.com]Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]. Now, there is a bean just on the back of the head [url=www.usacheapcigarettes.com]Wholesale Newport Cigarettes[/url], so I left this forever mark. Become a warm memory. In this way, I lived in a poor, but happy home, spent my happy years before the age of three. In the winter of 1990, when I was less than three years old, I left in the warm sunshine morning. Where I was born, I went to Hexi with my parents. It was my second hometown. I lived and worked for 30 years. On the morning of the departure, we drove us in a relative of the township government. The scene was a grandmother. I often talked to me, it��s really a life of death, crying heartbroken, a mess, maybe because the communication conditions were too bad at the time, write a letter for half a year to receive, call not to think, grandma has been crying I sent us away, went back to see the small bowl I had eaten, did not bring it, still there, saw the small bowl, remembered me, and cried again, this is two years, grandparents with their brother in their hometown I have lived for two years, and my father and mother have lived with me on the Hexi side for two years. After two years, my brother and I have grown up, and my brothers have gone to school. At this point, the memory left by my family has gradually changed. Up, I can say, I don��t remember anything, just leave a thought in my mind. In the journey from my hometown to Hexi, I still vaguely remember some interesting things, all related to the train and the first train ride. The first time I went out, the little me, like my current daughter, ran around, ran over a few cars, my mother was picking me up, the most difficult thing was to go to the toilet on the train. I am timid, afraid, afraid to shake the train in the toilet, and my father is doing this, he is jealous of me, I am small, I don��t understand, the more I am afraid, the less I am pulling, and finally the one on the train. The old aunt proposed to put a little toilet paper on the ground, let the child pull on the paper, and throw it away. Very simple question, the parents may be too young at the time, did not expect that your mother often said this thing many years later. . When I got off the train, I had already arrived in Hexi. In the deep winter season, the weather was very cold. Because it was midnight, I was shivering in the cold, and it was very cold. My father held me in my arms and blows me with the enthusiasm in my mouth. Give me warmth, make me feel warm, not so cold, the road to relocate is destined to be difficult, then very poor, no money to buy things, can bring things as far as possible from home, barrels, washbasins, etc. After three or four days, I finally arrived at the place where I live now. When I first came, what impressed me the most was the yellow sand that would be scraped once every few days, covering the sky, especially the father��s absence. During that time, every time I was windy, my mother and I were always horrified in the small workshop. We were afraid that the wind and sand that ravaged the window would blow us away [url=www.cigarettesstoreonline.com]Newports Cigarettes Price[/url]. Our neighbor, now our neighbor, has three daughters at home. The wind, the mother and the daughter always ran into our house, the yellow sand covered the sun, the house was dark, they were afraid, just like this, in a tough environment, the people who used to live here struggled hard. Until today, 1990 to 1994 The four-year time is the happiest time spent in my life, and the most lonely and lonely time. In the days of poverty, I have tasted the sadness of life, but I also feel the warmth of family. I follow my father and mother. In the two years when I came to Hexi, I was only three years old. I was scared and afraid of this strange place. Our

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