Before I graduated, I remembered

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Before I graduated <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Cigarettes For Sale</a>, I remembered several things about my primary school life. This may be the most memorable experience in my elementary school studied Chinese painting in the second grade. In fact, I learned wrong. It was because of my dislocation that it was helpful to the back. The place where I study Chinese painting is the library <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping</a>. Every time I go to rest, I take a few comics. At that time, "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" was popular, and there were no traces of cartoons being borrowed. Once in class, I wouldn��t get my brains back and I would go to the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf manga. Therefore, Chinese painting did not learn anything, but also read the book.There is an interest group at the beginning of the second grade. I feel that I can study as much as I can and learn to draw as I like. The painting group had 8 classmates, because his ear had a sarcoma (a bit of a kind), and I liked to pinch his ears. His ears were really fun. The teacher in class 4 opened the screen. I forgot what I wanted to draw (children should be right). The paper was poor. I almost had no paper and I had to take anything else <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Marlboro Lights</a>.nce I drew another piece of paper, about 50k in size, the kind of horizontal page and coil <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Cheap Cigarettes</a>. The teacher of the four classes saw me immediately and said fiercely, "How can I use this piece of paper for painting?" In this way, the trace of this piece of paper was "killed" by the teacher. No paper, ah, this teacher, but you give me at least a piece of white paper, you can draw a picture! The teacher saw me like this, gave me a look, and said nothing. the third grade, I would like to submit a manuscript one time. It is said that I want to paint technology. I am very happy to go home and start painting with colored lead. I drew a few simple houses and painted them in color so that I solved them simply <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Cigarette Online</a>. What's the name, what's the strange house? When the teacher looked at the next day, the teacher asked me: "What is this? A strange house?" I nodded. The last picture was eliminated.

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