I like reading, starting in my childhood.

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I like reading, starting in my childhood. At that time, the kindergarten teacher not only taught us to read, but also encouraged us to read some simple and easy-to-understand fairy tale works. I seem to have a relationship with the book. I was fascinated at first reading, and my literacy was very fast. I became addicted from then on. Later, my appetite grew bigger and bigger, encyclopedias, Chinese and foreign famous works, script poems, etc., as long as they can be found; I have to read the first reading, parents just agree to buy, I will come is small, I have to let the book squat in the bedroom. A bookcase was crowded with the "Xian", but it was too late to come, and a new book came in. It was hard to setturing the day, the teacher is very strict, and there are instructions: non-class books can not be read, and the offenders are confiscated. It can only be read in the class, it is difficult to solve the problem, it is very uncomfortable. Going home to go to the toilet is "convenient" [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Newport Cigarettes Price[/url], taking a book into it, it can be described as "one toilet and two stools", and it is endless. When I was struggling, I only listened to my mother��s knock on the door: ��I have forgotten the hour [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Cigarettes Online[/url], but I still can��t come out in half-andd before going to bed is really a big open eye. Close the door, the world is too peaceful, sit on the bed and enjoy reading. No matter whether the three-volt heat wave is rolling, the Sanjiu wind is screaming [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url], the TV next door is smashing, and the outside is frolicking. When I was in the middle of the night, I was most impressed by my father��s "slamming the house", winning the book and turning off the lights, forcing sleep. The father's life is hard to break, and I will sleep for the time being, wait for him to go out and get out of bed, read it one chapter and a half. Inadvertently, the sleeping insects invade the brain, and even yawn, although it is strong [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], it is difficult to cope. Unconsciousand laughter. One day, my cousin asked me to go to his house to play Go. I can sigh that my cousin has no manly demeanor. My mother-in-law is undecided, and I am impatient. So I looked around and won the book "One Hundred Questions in Chinese Historical Stories". I wanted to play chess and read the two books correctly. I can "hate" the plot in the book. It is really attractive. Let me be in Cao Yingxin and play chess. Thoughts were thrown into the clouds. The cousin repeatedly urged me to tell me that I should be single-minded when I do things. My mouth is arrogant [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], but my eyes are reluctant to leave the book. The cousin failed to win the book several times, so he had to exalt his hand and forken, and there is a god in the pen." I have no skill in breaking the volume, and I have no help from God. I just read a little book and touched a little bit of the wise man. Theadder of human progress," and it is also the ladder of my vision decline. I am afraid that the nose will suffer soon, but it will not change my feelings for the book anyway.

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