Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals Hu NMD Afro Pack

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As early as the beginning of the year, [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/adidas-nmd-human-race-pharrell-williams/]Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals Hu NMD[/URL] will launch a new series called Afro Pack in the autumn and winter of 2018. This new series is more wild in visual performance, with the original African style, absolutely Make passers-by unforgettable! This Afro Pack contains 3 color schemes, and today we have a two-double official picture release, so that we can get a closer look at the details.The item numbers are BB9527 and BB9528, not only have the rough Primeknit weave texture, but also the black on white on the instep makes the audience look confused. It seems that there is no explanation of Pharrell himself, no one can understand it.

This time the sole has also been replaced, no longer the, but a special form with more outdoor temperament, the adaptability to the terrain should be stronger.The rumors will be officially released on August 18th and there is no official website news from adidas Originals.In recent years, Pharrell series of shoes have been enlarged due to the volume of goods. The difficulty of starting the game has been reduced. After the sale, the market has been moving around the original price. This is undoubtedly a good thing for fans of Pharrell’s personality shoes, and this Afro The brand new series will usher in what kind of market trend, and it is also receiving attention!

Adidas's ace Ultra Boost series has many new members, and recently a pair of [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/adidas-ultra-boost-4-0-real-boost/]adidas Ultra Boost Clima "Core Black"[/URL] officially announced the official picture. Although the shoes are mainly black, but different from the pure black theme, the highlight is that the pure black Primeknit woven upper is also mixed with orange and fluorescent colors, which improves the recognition of the whole pair of shoes, so that the original The low-key and simple "Black Warrior" has a little more vitality.

This summer is not too good for all the hipsters and sneakers! First of all, the weather this year is accompanied by hot and high temperatures and typhoon and rain. No matter whether it is north or south, it is not as calm and stable as autumn and winter. This year's sneakers are also very special, and there are more heavy styles than in previous years, but there are quite a few "closed"! Together with the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia, Nike and adidas will bring a special plan of heavyweight with the theme of football, and it is a wallet of big clouds!

At the same time, this year's Yeezy also has a new action, not only the debut of the new shoe type, the [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/adidas-yeezy-boost/adidas-yeezy-boost- 350/]white adidas Yeezy 350 V2[/URL]'s "release" is also stunned!Therefore, you have to think about this summer this year, really want to see the six roads, listen to all directions, from basketball to football, from AJ to Yeezy, from climate to grandfather, you have to understand one or two! After welcoming the old matching shoes Yeezy 500, the Yeezy 350 Boost V2, which is especially suitable for summer outings, will bring three combos in June, July and August! This month, the butter color matching Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Butter” will be ushered in. In July, there will be a pure white Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Cream” “huge re-engraving”, wearing a large amount of goods, presumably a rhythm of a pair of hands! This pure white low-cut Yeezy, in addition to being easy to dirty, the other is perfect. To have a face value, to be comfortable and comfortable, it is definitely a good choice for summer wear!

August is the sesame color matching [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/adidas-yeezy-boost/]Yeezy 350 Boost V2 "Sesame"[/URL], returning to the earth tones again, dirty and versatile, handsome and unique. At present, the attention is extremely high, but the size of the goods is still unclear. The 2018 World Cup in Russia, which will usher in the opening match on June 14th, is the hottest topic of the whole summer!For a time, everyone is a fan, and this wave of influence has a great impact on the fashion industry.Both Nike and adidas will have corresponding football special products. Adidas Originals clover not only has vintage jerseys, but also the matching costumes series combines football and street fashion. It is full of sports and stylish style is also unforgettable!

The [URL=https://www.cadysport.com/product-category/off-white-shoes/]OFF-WHITE x Nike[/URL] football co-branded series will be launched in China on June 14th. In addition to the first use of Flyknit woven uppers in the Fly Fly Flyknit color, the matching jerseys are also highly recognizable items!OFF-WHITE's joint new sneakers basically maintain the rhythm of “no monthly absent”.OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “UNC”, which has a market price of several thousand, has been launched in China. IT has already completed the registration and it is rumored that the Nike channel will be released in mid-June. The exact news is definitely worth your attention! There will also be pure black and white OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Presto 2.0, which will be available on June 21st. The new OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 97 and OFF-WHITE x Nike Blazer Studio Mid will debut in July and there is no exact date yet. Levis Cowboy's co-branded Air Jordan 4 will be available on June 30th, with black and white two colors on the shelves! There is also a matching denim jacket, which is also a popular item. This arrangement is obviously to block the butter sold on the same day Yeezy 350 Boost V2 "Butter", compared with Yeezy, this time Levis x Air Jordan 4 still has a good personality charm. The next Nike React Element 87 and adidas Originals Yung-1 are two blockbusters. Equipped with Nike React cushioning and flap upper, the face value and foot feel are guaranteed.

The chances of wearing sneakers in summer are really less, so it is also the best time to organize and store your baby!The shoe box with good texture and quality performance is a necessity for summer purchase. The shoes that are not worn are cleaned and placed neatly, not only for storage, but also for good decorative effect. https://www.cadysport.com

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